Turn used kid’s toys into money you can use

As your kids grow, you end up with more and more used toys and children’s stuff that your little ones have gotten too big for.

These items don’t have to simply sit around the house though. Post them for sale online and make back some money for new clothes and toys, family outings or just as extra savings.

Baby items

The first items your little ones will outgrow will be their baby clothes, toys and equipment. Gently used baby items for sale is constantly in demand as new parents shop second-hand to save money. Be sure to sort through the items before choosing which ones to sell in case you want to save some as keepsakes.


Children are constantly outgrowing clothes, often before they’ve even worn them more than a few times. These like-new clothing items are an ideal item to put online for sale, as other parents will be on the lookout for new styles for their continually growing little ones as well.


While some toys will remain favorites throughout your kids’ childhoods, others lose their interest as they grow. Educational toys may only stay entertaining until new concepts are learned. Certain toys may have simply never appealed to your child. Going through your little one’s toys together to choose which ones to sell is also a good way to encourage your child to stay organized from an early age.

Selling your child’s items online

For a busy parent, selling items online can be the easiest way to make money from used kids clothing and toys. You can choose to drop items off at a consignment store, but this requires you to bring items to the store and come back when an item sells to collect payment. Commissions can also be set quite high, meaning you pocket less profit. By selling online, you can post items right from the comfort of home and arrange sale times and locations conveniently around your schedule.


Make the title a short, clear description of the item that lists a key selling feature, such as a low price or like-new condition.


Take your time to create a description that provides all of the important information clearly. Use bullet points to clearly set out selling points and vital features. To sell kids’ clothes, make sure to mention the size, colour and condition of each piece. If the brand is high-quality or there are special features, such as organic fabric, include those in your description. To sell toys, mention the brand and name if it is a well-known toy, the condition and what ages it’s appropriate for. For things like strollers and car seats, find the manual or search online for the technical details of the product to include. Don’t forget to clearly include your contact information.


Take clear, well-lit photos of the product from several angles to show its condition. Try to photograph it on a plain, simple background that flatters the item. For more complicated toys or equipment like a car seat, you may want to show it being used so shoppers can have a clear idea of scale and use.


When pricing used toys and kid’s stuff, the price will depend greatly on how worn the item is. Search for other similar items to get a sense of competitive pricing for items, but keep in mind that you can price yours higher if it is like-new or lower if it’s been a bit more well-loved. Always include your price in the ad, as serious shoppers will want to know this before they consider buying your item.

Empty out your children’s cupboard (and check under their beds) for the best toys and clothes to sell on Kijiji. Post an ad or two today.

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