Father’s Day search increases on Kijiji

Here at Kijiji, we are always interested to see which items are hot with Canadians! We took a look at searches on Kijiji to see what searches were on the rise the week before Father’s Day. We compared the search volume of a term to the volume that that same term received the week before. According to our data, Tassimos are likely a very popular gift for dad this year!

Looks like lots of Canadian fathers will be getting a Tassimo!
We predict lots of Canadian fathers will be getting a Tassimo!

Looks like lots of dads are big coffee fans: Tassimo searches rose 1120%, and Keurig was up 41% in the week before Father’s Day.

It seems that lots of sons and daughters across Canada were eager to help dad upgrade some gadgets! Searches for cell phones rose 101% (the only specific model with a major increase was the Samsung S2, at 49%). Either there are lots of gamer fathers, or possibly quite a few people getting sidetracked on their searches (we know we certainly do), as the PS3 slim went up 101%. Other notable increases in tech were digital camera, at 80% increase, flat screen at 76% and Mac pro with a 69% increase.

Some classic choices demonstrated they were still popular; mens watch was up 27%, fishing boats searches went up 12%, massage chair was up 13%, barbeque saw an increase of 17%, tool box was up 13%, and golf driver was up 21% during this past week.

Does anything on this list surprise you?

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