Inside Morgan’s dream wedding

Meet Morgan. A 32-year-old bride-to-be with the dream of that perfect wedding.

It’s a wedding she’s been planning since she was a little girl. But when she realized that the average Canadian wedding costs $30,000, she started to re-evaluate her budget.

To better understand what Morgan most values on her special day, we sat down with her to talk about how she’s looking forward to celebrating a really special day in front of her friends and family, and the possibilities of fulfilling her entire dream wedding list by sourcing equal products and services at a lower cost through the second-hand economy.


Flipping through the pages of wedding guides, it was easy for Morgan to find inspiration for her wedding dress, roughly around $1,500 for the average piece. Through a quick search on Kijiji, we found a gorgeous simple long dress that she loved for just under $600.

“I am looking for something that’s simple, elegant. I definitely see myself in a longer dress just not something that is ball gown shaped.”
Wedding Dress — Retail Average: $1500.00 / Kijiji Average: $583.60

For Morgan at 5’11”, the right shoes are crucial to her for her wedding day so that she doesn’t tower over her groom. Looking through some of the top fashion mags, Morgan’s top choices tended to hover north of $200—but by doing a comparison of some of her favourite styles at a local consignment shop, we found several brand new pairs she loved for just $50.

“My fiancé is only a little bit taller than me, I don’t want to have too high of a heel on my wedding day. But I do want to have a short heel—so one-inch heel.”
Shoes — Retail Average: $150.00 / Kijiji Average: $50.50

As a girl who loves to dress up, Morgan’s reception handbag is one of those key accessories she wants to have standout on her special day. Morgan had an idea of what she wanted in mind, at a $250 price tag, but while we were out she spotted a beautiful vintage silk clutch at local antiques stand. And after a bit of bargaining, we were able to get it down to $50!

“I’d like a clutch style handbag, something that I could use again later. So not necessarily something in white but maybe silver or gold.”
Handbag — Retail Average: $200.00 / Kijiji Average: $54.80

When it comes to jewellery, Morgan has always tried to keep it simple – something she would like to extend to her wedding day. As we step into one of the most well known jewelry stores, there’s a wealth of inspiration and selection to complete her look. Choosing a teardrop pair as her favourite from a display case, we take a look on Kijiji to find a similar set made of crystal zirconium that have the just the right feel to them—and at a fraction of the cost.


Jewellery — Retail Average: $150.00 / Kijiji Average: $67.17
“I want to be very much true to myself on my wedding day and probably just have a simple but really beautiful and sparkly pair of earrings.”

With plenty of savings that won’t break the bank for her wedding day, and the fact that she’ll be helping to support the local second-hand economy, Morgan has chosen to consider sourcing a number of her ‘must-haves’ and services for a lower price through the alternative marketplace.

Thanks to Moroco Chocolat for hosting our brunch!

To help you realize how you could be supporting local while saving money yourself, use our wedding budget re-calculator below. Make sure to tell us how much you’re able to reduce your budget and put back into the second-hand economy by sharing via Facebook or Twitter.

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Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

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