Move your family, keep your roots

Moving not only involves packing boxes, but preparing the family for changes, both big and small — using these tips to manage your move will have your family and your wallet feeling a lot happier.

Managing a move can be difficult in the midst of all the brouhaha. There are real emotional, financial and physical stressors at play during the process — it can be a tough experience, even for families who have moved before.

We have put together a series of practical tips and tricks to help you move everything your family holds dear. Once that’s taken care of, there will be nothing else to think of… aside from how to decorate your new space. Your families and wallets will thank us!

1. Get organized

One of the most underrated and cost-effective tools in a move is the ever important to-do list! Creating a moving list allows you to see all the tasks that need to be completed before, and on, moving day. This is a simple and easy way to make sure that you get everything done while ensuring nothing slips through the cracks — it can also be pretty satisfying and motivating to check a task off a to-do list once it’s completed.


2. Remove the unused

Moving presents the perfect opportunity to take stock of what you have accumulated over the years and dispose of what you no longer use — kick the knick-knacks, so to speak. This is especially true if you’re downsizing to a smaller home. When it comes to your kids, take time to sort through all their toys and clothing and sell anything they no longer use.

3. Keep the essentials handy

Gather up everything you’ll need for the final days leading up to the move, including toothbrushes, towels, and blankets. You’ll also be ahead of the game if you organize in advance all of the required moving equipment — gloves, tools, dollies, measuring tape, etc. Missing a tool or cart? You can always opt to rent equipment and reduce costs.


4. Check out your new hood with the kids

Organize a family outing with the kids and visit your new neighborhood — have them get acquainted with its character and unique features. In your itinerary, you can walk by the new home, stroll around the neighborhood and plan a picnic in a nearby park. The more familiar they are with the new area the faster they’ll feel at home.

5. Get the kids involved

Getting your kids involved will help them feel like they contributed to the move. For example, let them pack up their own toys and identify the boxes with personal drawings and stickers. And, if the kids are present on moving day, you can always assign them some simple tasks. Have their boxes filled with toys on hand and they can have a blast unpacking them! Make sure to reserve a corner for them away from the movers, but where you can keep an eye on them.

Don’t forget, there are also a variety of services available to you that can make the move easier and that will allow you to spend more time with the family. Visit Kijiji to answer all of your moving questions — find movers, professional cleaners, babysitters, rental trucks and equipment. It’s all there in one place and for much less than you’d expect.

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