Shopping Unique and Thoughtful Holiday Gifts with Denise Wild

December is a time filled with love, joy, friendship, and giving. But between trying to find a parking spot at the mall and spending endless hours searching for the perfect holiday gift online, December can also be quite stressful. Even more stressful is worrying that your gift might not be loved as much as you hope. Even worse (gasp), it might get re-gifted! A solution? Forget the crowds and find something unique through the second-hand economy.

This year, I challenged myself to build creative gift kits for people in my life using gently used and unique items. Not only am I saving money (because the items are offered for much less, than what I’d pay new in-store), but I can feel good knowing I’m reducing waste by giving things a second life. I’m also saving time by shopping in my neighbourhood and supporting my local community by putting money in someone else’s pocket.

Shopping second hand seemed like a win-win for everyone, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. The second-hand economy is trending big-time.

Fun fact: 27% of Canadians offered second-hand gifts last year, one quarter of that at the holidays alone.

So, I gave it a shot.

My first incredible find was a Cole Haan bag in great shape for only $50 on Kijiji. Amazing! I figured this would make a great gift for any fashionista in my life. Or, let’s be honest, Santa might end up giving it to me! Add a passport holder, a phone charger, a sleep mask, a neck pillow, and travel-friendly containers, and this designer tote instantly becomes a themed gift kit for the frequent flyer.

Next, I found a stunning vintage shoe-shine box for only $25. I filled it with fun socks, a tie and pocket square, shoe-shine supplies, and dark chocolate almonds, and this seemingly simple item was suddenly the perfect kit for the perfect gentleman. Of course, I could have wrapped it before I put it under the tree, but the box is so beautiful, I decided to leave it as-is, knowing that the box is a statement in itself.

Looking for something smaller but still extra special? The second-hand economy can be a go-to option for that as well. I found a small, dried-flower, glass jewelry box on Kijiji for only $20. This jewelry box is a really unique gift on its own, but I decided to it as a creative stocking alternative. I added a pair of leather gloves and small wallet with a gift card inside for a special touch that won’t disappoint any friend of mine.

With just a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. Pick up a vintage tackle box for someone who loves fishing, a toaster for a college freshman, or a jewelry chest for the accessory-obsessed. Give those as-is or fill them with even more goodies. Really anything can be turned into a unique gift kit that speaks to your loved one’s interests and hobbies. Your very own neighbourhood is filled with little treasures to help you build unique gift kits that’ll leave a lasting impression without putting a hole in your pocket.

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

If you’ve bought or sold used items, swapped, or donated, you’re already an active contributor!

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