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Mothers are the thread that holds a family together and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show yours just how much you appreciate her. While I love any excuse to go shopping, Mother’s Day isn’t just about buying a gift, it’s about giving something truly special and unique to the woman that means the world to you. If you know me, finding these kinds of gifts doesn’t always mean an expensive trip to the mall.

I’ve long practiced shopping the second-hand economy, to not only save money on my gifts, but more importantly, to find truly special gems for the people in my life.

The first thing I do whenever I’m giving a gift is sit down and really think about the person I’m buying for. What are their interests? What are their hobbies? And what experiences have we shared together? When thinking about my own mom, there are so many memories to choose from. So many in fact, that this year, I decided a perfect gift would be a shadow-box picture frame filled with photos and other memorabilia from our most special memories together. After purchasing a gently used shadow box frame for a fraction of the cost of buying it new, I simply upcycled it with a paint colour I know my mother will love and added some pictures and mementos inside. It was one of the easiest and most endearing DIYs I’ve ever worked on. I know my mom is going to absolutely love it!

If your mom is more a fan of functional objects, perhaps a candle set or a tea set would be a good choice. And what’s great about both of those options is that they’re easy to find online almost brand new or even vintage, depending on your mother’s own taste. I recently found 3 beautiful iron candle holders for only $5. Simply spray painting them and adding decorative candles makes creates a decor piece that your mother will cherish for years. I also found vintage tea cups and saucers that looked brand new for only $5 each. Another score! Wrap them in a beautiful box with some chocolates and a gift card for a specialty tea store, and you have a very thoughtful and useful tea-themed gift set.

If your mom is a little difficult to buy for, think jewelry. I mean, who doesn’t love something shiny? Whether your mother is a fan of trendy or timeless pieces, there is something to be found for anyone through the second-hand economy. One of my personal favourites that I discovered while helping a friend treasure-hunt for her own mom was a handmade gold mermaid shell locket for only $16. Mermaids are so on-trend right now, but the fact that it’s a locket adds a sentimental element that takes this pretty piece to the next level.

Of course, saving money is one of the most common reasons for someone to purchase through the second-hand economy. And rightfully so — by shopping the second-hand economy for your gifting needs this year, you can save upwards of $825 versus buying new. But when it comes to the most special person in your life, purchasing from the second-hand economy isn’t about money. It’s all about finding unique, thoughtful, and one-of-a-kind items that will make your mom smile on her special day. And with just days left until Mother’s Day, there’s no more time to waste. Your neighbours have treasures your mother will love just waiting to be discovered. So start hunting, shopping, and saving today.

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

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