1990s fashion trends for less

1990s fashion is back in style and the online second-hand economy is the best place to find authentic vintage pieces at affordable prices.

To help you get started on how to dress in 1990s fashion, here are five retro trends that are coming back into vogue and deserve a place in your cupboard.


This matching athletic top and pants set give you unbeatable comfort. This laid-back look is now trendy enough to wear when you’re out and about running errands. Soft fabrics and relaxed fits define 1990s fashion and make tracksuits a versatile favourite, whether you’re lounging around the home or heading to the gym. Opt for varsity-styled graphic detailed sets for extra retro flair.


There’s something charmingly rustic and effortlessly comfortable about overalls, making this throwback look a favourite for vintage-hued social media posts. Paired with a relaxed sweater or quirky graphic tee, they instantly give you a playful style. If you plan to wear overalls with a statement tee or oversize pullover, opt for the classic denim style in a size larger than you would usually wear. If you prefer to pair them with a sophisticated turtleneck, or figure-hugging tee, look for a closer cut in a textured fabric like corduroy or velvet to express peak 90s clothing trends.

Mom Jeans

If you’re wondering what 90s fashion looks like, mom jeans are the epitome of the decade. These high-waisted jeans are coming back in full force, with the high cut flattering waistlines and complementing shorter-cut tops. A loose, carefree cut can look relaxed when paired with a close-cut tee or slouchy sweater. If you want to ensure a put-together look from your vintage 90s clothing, skip the classic bell bottom look, and opt for a straight leg, or look for bold button accents highlighting the waist.

Combat Boots

A hallmark of the edgy grunge look of the 90s fashion trends, combat boots still carry a bold, fearless vibe. When shopping for vintage combat boots, verify that the sole is in good condition, and decide how much natural scuffing you want. Consider buying a half-size larger than your usual size if you want to pair them with thick socks for extra padding – perfect for Canadian winters!

Fanny Packs

Perhaps nothing defines 1990s fashion like the ever-practical fanny pack. This belt-mounted bag keeps your valuables safely secured at your side, and with vintage 90s clothing making a comeback, it’s a trendy replacement for a purse. From structured leather packs, to hippie-inspired woven designs, take the time to browse the many fanny pack options and you’re sure to find one that fits your style. Maybe The Rock’s classic fanny pack photo will inspire you! Measure your waist and check sizes to ensure that the belt of the pack will fit comfortably. For authentic vintage pieces, ensure that the straps and buckles are not too worn or damaged.

It’s the perfect time to introduce the nostalgia of the 90s into your everyday fashion. Finding 90s clothes for sale on Kijiji is a great start in filling up your cupboard with unique pieces that bring a touch of authentic retro charm to your style.

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