Flying High with Beurd

Beurd Beurd Beurd, Beurd is the word

People everywhere are flocking to see the latest designs from Montreal-based fashion label, Beurd.

Started in 2016, the clothing line was the shared dream of Emma Guitton and Thibault Bicchieray, a French couple who came to Canada five years ago. Emma, a trained graphic designer, loved to design clothes. Thibault, having studied marketing, wanted to run a business. Voilà – Beurd!

Their first big investment? An industrial sewing machine from Kijiji that was a gift from Emma’s mom. “We’re still using the same sewing machine today,” says Emma.

With funky patterns, patches, and colourful designs, Beurd’s quirky streetwear has found a dedicated following. Just check out @_Beurd on Instagram to spot their clothing in its natural habitat.

“Montreal has a style that you don’t find anywhere else,” says Thibault. “And it fits perfectly with the clothes we want to create.”

But they’re not stopping there. They’re currently hunting a screen printing machine on Kijiji to push their t-shirt game to a whole new level.

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