The Gear You Need to Enjoy the Ski / Snowboarding Season

Skiing and snowboarding can be expensive. Even if you already own the equipment, you need to stay warm and dry on the slopes, and as the styles change – and the tech - you may want to update your ski/snowboard clothing more often than not.

So how do you get your hands on quality winter sport gear without spending a fortune and still look great in your selfies? Here are some tips.

Second-hand clothing

Of course the best place to find good quality (and cool!) second-hand ski and snowboard clothing is online. You will find thousands of items of all colours and sizes and styles, just about anytime. Make sure to ask the seller about size and fit – especially important when it comes to helmets – and arrange to get your new ski or snowboard jacket. Or pants. Or gloves… You can also keep an eye out for sporting good swaps.

Borrowing may be an option

Borrowing from friends is a great way to find good stuff to wear, especially if it isn’t for regular use. If you don’t know anyone that you could borrow from, you should consider talking to hotels or ski resorts – they often have equipment to rent. You only need to make sure that you put your name down well enough in advance so that the right sizes aren’t taken when you arrive.

Look for the right features

You want to go for clothing that comes with a waterproof coating, quality insulation, sealed seams, and a powder skirt. You need thermal underwear and multiple layers that are waterproof and windproof, while being pliable enough to allow freedom of movement. These features keep you warm and dry, and keep the snow from getting in. If these features don’t appear on items priced within your budget, try the wide variety of amazing and stylish goods available second-hand and ask the seller for details. You can get more for your money this way.

Consider timing

Buying postseason is another way to save on new skiing or snowboarding gear – the idea is to buy after the skiing/snowboarding season concludes, usually in March, when stores want to get rid of unsold inventory. Buying in September is good too. Prices are likely to be lower at this point.

It can take a little research and patience to find snow gear that’s light on your budget, but it can be done. Just keep looking in all the right places!

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