Get your heart rate up with these fitness style tips

Proper exercise gear does more than just keep you comfortable; the right clothes and gadgets can transform a dull workout into the ultimate power session.

From activity trackers to fitness pants, here are a few essential workout items for women and men that will motivate you to work out harder and longer.

Essential Fitness Gear for Women:

  • Sports bra

Regardless of what type of exercise you’re doing, you’ll need proper support. Sports bras are designed to keep your weight evenly distributed during exercise, which is important for preventing back pain and discomfort. The great thing about sports bras is that they are available in a wide variety of prints and styles that make them great for layering or even wearing as crop tops.

  • Yoga pants

Inexpensive and versatile, yoga pants are the ideal sportswear for women. Their elasticity, breathability, and lightweight will ensure your comfort as you move through pilates exercises, squats, and, of course, yoga routines. If your budget is tight, skip Lululemon and head to the sports section of your nearest department store to find a quality pair of athletic pants.

  • Sweatbands

These popular 80s accessories will hold your hair out of your face while keeping you cool and dry throughout fast-paced workouts. As a bonus, you can skip packing a heavy towel in your gym bag for wiping away perspiration.

Essential Fitness Gear for Men:

  • Loose-fit training shorts

Training shorts help keep you cool and dry during your most intense workout sessions. The key to breathability is choosing shorts that have all-over perforations or are made from a moisture-wicking material like cotton, polyester, or polypropylene. For outdoor workouts, a water-resistant fabric like nylon will protect you from light rain while maximizing comfort.

  • Short-sleeved training top

Training tops are designed with all-over mesh and ventilation zones to help keep you cool without restricting mobility. Many training shirts also feature anti-odor technology to keep you smelling fresh during and after your workout.

Essential Gear for Men and Women:

  • Water-resistant training jacket

A lightweight training jacket is perfect for layering over training tops. It will keep you warm and dry during rainy morning runs or outdoor workout sessions in the cooler months.

  • Fitness tracker

You don’t need to invest a lot of money in a high-tech fitness tracking watch. A basic activity tracker like Fitbit – which monitors your heart rate, counts your steps, and features a calorie counter – will help keep you on track with your exercise goals.

  • Performance socks

Performance socks are designed to provide extra heel and arch support. They are also moisture resistant and made from antimicrobial materials that fight odor-causing bacteria.

  • Music

What better way to stay motivated than to load a blood-pumping soundtrack into your MP3 player or smartphone? Consider investing in an arm band and a solid pair of headphones to keep your music player in place while you work out.

  • Weight lifting gloves

A good pair of weight lifting gloves will prevent blisters, callouses, and hand injuries. They’ll also improve your grip on heavy weights.

  • Water bottle

Proper hydration is essential while exercising. Be sure to pack a high-quality, spill-proof water bottle in your gym bag.

Staying fit doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. The workout clothes and gadgets listed above will keep you looking great while motivating you to get the most out of your training session.

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