What is the best watch for you

A watch is not only a wearable tool for telling time these days. With such a diverse range of watches available in this modern age, the humble 'timepiece' offers so much more.

From statement wrist watches that accent your outfit, to technological intelligent watch marvels that can check your email and track your fitness, to specialized watches for sports and activities, you have a plethora of options to choose from. But which one is right for you? Let’s take a closer look at some tips on the types of watches available in this quick buying guide, so that you can make an informed decision in finding not only the best watches for men and women, but the best watch for you.

Classic Watches vs. Intelligent Watches
The first consideration to make when deciding on a watch is what you want it to be able to do. With the rise of smartphones, it’s rare that a person really needs a watch to check the time. Instead, you may want a watch because you’re looking for a bold accessory, a way to tell the time specifically when you can’t have your phone handy, or a smart watch that boasts handy technology.

Classic Wrist Watches
If you’re simply looking for a watch to keep an eye on the time when you don’t have your phone, a simple classic wristwatch is the ideal answer. Plenty of inexpensive styles are available, so you can easily find one that suits your look and budget. Analog watches deliver a more traditional look and may not depend on battery power, freeing you from buying batteries, while you may find a digital watch easier to read and use. Check to see the options that each watch offers as well. Some have hands that glow in the dark, a stopwatch hand or timer setting, settings to show the day of the week or other useful features.

Statement and Luxury Watches
Watches are also a highly trendy, eye-catching accessory. Luxury designs add a polished statement to the day’s style as they act as a functional tool. From solid, edgy pieces boasting a bold metal strap, to refined timepieces with wide, clean faces and soft leather straps, to hand-crafted specialty wooden watches, and more, you can be sure that there’s a watch for everyone. If you are investing in a high quality watch, take your time to find the style that personally suits you best, as it will be a versatile piece you can pair with anything.

Specialized Sports Watches
If you engage in high-impact sports, such as soccer, football or skiing, or love getting in the water, a specialized watch may be ideal for you to keep track of the time while you can’t have your phone with you. From waterproof watches for swimmers and divers to impact-resistant timepieces, a watch can be a useful tool to have when you’re in action.

Apple Watch
Recently, watches have take a technological twist. Apple’s smartwatch interfaces seamlessly with your iPhone, allowing you to check email, answer phone calls, send texts and more all from your wrist. It adds a high-tech accent to your style.

If you’re looking to get moving and are looking for extra motivation, the Fitbit watch tracks your exercise, sleep, food and movement, enabling you to take better control of your lifestyle. A variety of different models and looks let you find the perfect piece.

While a wrist watch may not be the necessary tool that it used to be, their natural allure and new smart watch options have made them a more alluring accessory than ever. With so many different types, you may even find that you want several different watches for versatility! Happy hunting on your quest for the perfect timepiece!

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