How to Get the Best Price for Your Jewellery Online

Selling your old jewellery online can be a quick way to make money on pieces that you never wear.

However, before you post an ad, it’s important to know what you’re selling and research the best tips on how to sell jewellery online to get the most from your sales. Here are a few tips to get you started on how to sell jewellery from home:

Prepare Your Jewellery for Sale

Before you post your jewellery for sale on a site like Kijiji, you may need to do some preparations to ensure you get the best price for them. If you are selling jewellery with valuable gemstones or precious metals, take it to a fully qualified appraiser to verify its authenticity and value. If it is very old, you may want to have it cleaned to ensure it’s in its best condition. If it has any broken clasps or details, you may want to look into the cost of repairing it to raise its resale value. Even for less expensive jewellery, take the time to polish or clean it to have it looking its best.

Describe Your Jewellery

Once your jewellery is ready to sell, take the time to craft an ad that explains its features in detail. If you had your jewellery appraised, or you can verify its specifications, mention the carat value of the gemstones or the quality of the precious metal in your ad. For jewellery featuring expensive gemstones, mention the cut, clarity, setting and style. For pendants, say whether a chain is or is not included. Call out the type of clasp or hook if the jewellery features one. Don’t forget to mention the size of a ring or the length of a necklace. Also, craft your ad with your ideal buyer in mind. An ad for expensive jewellery may need to sound more poised and luxurious than an ad selling inexpensive pieces to the buyer who is looking for cheap jewellery online.

Don’t Forget Photos

Photos can provide the buyer with plenty of information in online jewellery shopping, and are a key way to market beautiful pieces to the buyer. Place your jewellery on a simple background that complements it and be sure to use plenty of light to highlight the beauty and quality of the piece. Ensure that photos you take are clearly focused. Take photos of the piece as a whole, as well as close-ups of the key gemstones, clasp and any other important features.

Choose the Right Price

Having your jewellery appraised before posting it online can make it easier to pick the right price, ensuring that it is fair for both you and the buyer. For less expensive pieces that are not worth being appraised, consider the age and condition of the jewellery, as well as the fact that used jewellery tends to depreciate quickly. Research what similar used pieces are priced at online to help you choose a price point. Asking for slightly more than you expect to get can also be helpful as you can then bargain comfortably with buyers.

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