Make extra cash selling your formal wear this prom season

Looking your best at prom or grad is a rite of passage, but once the party is over, there's a good chance you may never wear your formal dress or tuxedo again. Instead of leaving them gathering dust in your closet, it's a great time to dig them out and sell them. You'll free up more space in your closet, add more money to your wallet, and give your clothes a chance to delight another prom-goer.

If you’re wondering, “Where can I sell prom dresses online?”, Kijiji is here to help. March is high season for students hunting for their prom outfit, so find your past formal wear and post an ad on Kijiji using these tips on how to sell prom dresses online.

Sort out your closet

Take a look through your closet to find not only your prom dress or tuxedo to sell but the shoes, accessories, and jewellery that go with the outfit. While some items may be able to be worn for other events, if you find that you haven’t thought to wear them in the past six months to a year, chances are you may never revive it for a new outfit.

Get it ready to sell

If you danced away the night in your outfit, it may be best to have it dry-cleaned before selling it to ensure it’s ready for its new owner. In the case of shoes or accessories, a wipe with a soft, damp cloth can refresh it or a careful cleaning and polish can bring new life to items that have been sitting awhile. Use a lint roller to pick up any lint or specks that may show up when you photograph the piece.

Photograph the items

Take clear photos of your prom dress or prom suit to highlight not only its cut and style but also its colour and fabric. You can lay it out on a flat surface to take a photo of it, or if you are comfortable, put it on to show what it looks like, cropping it to only show the outfit to ensure privacy. If you have photos of your prom that show off the style of your outfit, consider cropping and using those photos to highlight the look.

Consider bundling an outfit

You may have assembled a complete outfit from shoes and accessories to an evening gown or suit for a perfectly coordinated look. If you are eager to sell all of these items quickly, consider offering them as a complete package. Offering a package deal can make the prom outfit shopping experience easier, thus making your buyers more likely to purchase your items.

Write your ad

Compose your ad keeping in mind what buyers will be searching for. List the color and style prominently in the title. If you are not sure how to describe the cut of your dress, consider searching for a dress silhouette guide online or browse other stores selling similar styles to discover how to label its look.

Mention any special adornments such as sequins, lace, or floral details in the title. If it features luxurious fabric—whether velvet, silk, or satin—call this out in the title as well. Be sure to mention the brand, especially if it is a distinguishing point that can justify a higher price. Clearly describe its condition and mention any damage it may have. If it has no wear and tear marks, list it as “like new”.

Clear up space in your closet, add cash back to your wallet, and let your prom finery delight someone else. Since now’s the time that everyone is scrambling to put together their look for the big night, don’t wait any longer to sell your formal wear on Kijiji.

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