10 tips for posting the perfect Kijiji ad

If you have items around your home that you've been thinking about selling, a space you've been wanting to rent, or a service that you've been wondering how to promote, it's time for a Kijiji ad.

Selecting a Category

Categorizing your ad is the first step when placing your ad on Kijiji. Where would you look to buy this item? Take the time to carefully read through the categories and subcategories and find the one that best fits your item or service so others can find it.

Ad Title

A well-crafted ad title draws the right buyer to your item or service. Keep it simple, but fill it with information the buyer can use at a glance to determine if they would be serious about buying. Use clear language, highlight the best aspects of the item or service, and use keywords that someone would use to find your product.

If your price is a good selling point, include it in the title. That way shoppers looking for an affordable option can see whether it is in their budget. For example, instead of using an overly generic title such as ‘Baby Stroller for Sale’, try one that states specifics and highlights, such as ‘Babyzen Yoyo Baby Stroller: Like New, Barely Used, Only $400’


Provide as much detail about the product or service that a buyer might have questions about. This is the space to provide important technical specifications, measurements, condition, the age of the product, any work, upgrades or repair information, and other important selling points.


Show your information neatly. Use bullet or number points for any lists of information to make it simple for buyers to quickly read and understand. Add paragraphs to break up the content for easy skimming and highlight key information in bold text.


Adding photos to your ad not only makes your ad more visually appealing, but also shows exactly what you are selling. When done well, photos can be a powerful marketing tool for your ad. Take clear, good-quality photos with good lighting in order to show your product at its best. If you are shooting against a background, find one that is not too distracting, and that subtly contrasts with your item to make it stand out. A great photo instantly grabs attention and draws buyers in.


Add your city and postal code to show buyers the area where your product or service is located. Adding a postal code can help improve your ad’s visibility. Some buyers search for local items because it is easier to arrange a viewing, or is the closest service to them.


Listing your item or service at a fair, competitive price helps it sell quickly. Do some research on Kijiji to see what similar items are priced at to take into account the competition, as well as finding out what the item is priced at new. If you are pricing higher than other similar items, try to identify why your product might be more valuable and deserve a higher price tag.


Kijiji makes it simple for prospective buyers to contact you through an email form beside your ad. This protects your email address and privacy. If you want to allow buyers to call you, you can also provide your phone number, which will be displayed here as well. Between these two options, you can have buyers contact you in the way you’re most comfortable


If you’re eager to see your product or service find a buyer fast, there are a variety of ad features that provide optimal exposure for your ad. One of these might be the way to go if you want to step up your visibility, sell something quickly, or are are selling a more expensive item.


If your product is complicated, or is better demonstrated using video, film a short clip and upload it to YouTube and link it to your ad. You can also use videos that the manufacturer or a reviewer has produced demonstrating your specific product, if the information is correct and relevant.

By using these 10 steps you will have the best chances of selling your item. Happy selling!

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