12 Lesser-known Vancouver Instagrammers who deserve recognition

Remember when Instagram was all about good photography? It’s changed a little. Now medium can be a bit more personal. It’s no longer only for the good photographers, who got popular pretty quickly on Instragram. We can browse great shots from around Vancouver and sneak into the personal lives of cute babies and cats right from within the platform that also gives us amazing scenic and artsy photos! What an awesome ‘soup.’

This article isn’t going to tell you about the top Vancouver Instagrammers. That deed has been done already, and you can check out the following links for those kinds of lists:

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What we are going to show you are some lesser known (or not yet blogged about) dudes and dudettes who have been quietly posting some fun, different, ‘edgy’ and sometimes portfolio-worthy images on their Instagram accounts, without a lot of notice from the ‘big bloggers.’ Sure, they’re not all photographers by trade, and their accounts show a bit of their personal lives too, but that makes them all the more special to pay attention to (personality rules).

Here they are, in no particular order, along with a description of what you’ll find by following them:

*Note: I’m giving you a full disclaimer that I know a some of these users personally or have done business with them as a freelance e-marketer in Vancouver. I don’t have any say in their Instagram accounts, and gain no personal benefit from listing them here (at all). But my list might be biased due to this fact. Does that make them any less worthy of being followed? I don’t think so, but you can judge for yourself 🙂 I spent hours scoping out other users too!


vancouverlife instagram - 2014-01-20 at 9.03.44 PM

Ok, so this first one breaks my principle above about including personal life moments in their account. This is all scenery from Vancouver and for some reason has not been noticed in the other articles linked to above. Pretty neat stuff, and kind of fairy-tale-ish too. Scenes of Vancouver use a filter that dulls things out and colours them in a brown tinted kind of way; almost like paintings. There are mostly snapshots of Vancouver’s beautiful nature here, and some off-the-beaten-path locations that might leave you guessing where the photo was taken (because you know you’ve seen it before…somewhere…). Can you spot them all? These are definitely portfolio-worthy shots that are relaxing to look at, and the kind that would get sent out in e-mail forwards if it were 1999.


michaelarnold instagram 2014-01-20 at 9.14.24 PM

This is another amazing photographer in Vancouver who is actually a filmmaker and actor. He seems to be transferring his skill of seeing beauty in everyday things onto Instagram with his iPhone. I think I found out once he wasn’t using his iPhone for everything (usually the spectacular photos on any Instagram account are transferred onto phones after they’re shot with a high end camera). But the filters have got to be Instagram or some other similar app.

The great thing about this account is that while it’s so ‘Vancouver,’ it’s not necessarily the scenic and stereotypical things of Metro Vancouver that you expect; it’s the smaller details and parts of the area we see all the time but never stop to notice. For example, would you take a photo of a fence or a rundown building? This Instagrammer would, and he’d make you think, “wow! Why don’t we stop and look at fences and rundown buildings more often?”

Sometimes you’ll catch photos of cute kids in here too 🙂


rebeccasehn 2014-01-20 at 9.16.45 PM

This is a childhood and family photographer in Vancouver who is Instagramming a little of her work and a little of “everyday things that make [her] happy.” I think they’d make all of us happy to be honest. Baked goods, farmhouses in sunny fields and European landmarks edited to look better than they probably look in real life…who wouldn’t love that? You get to see cute kids in here sometimes too.

The style is mostly washed-out and pastel-ey, and it’s likely these aren’t all inherent Instagram filters (apps like InstaSize can give Instagram photos other effects). It’s also likely these aren’t all shot on a smartphone. But hey, they show up in our feeds and make for some nice variation apart from the ‘usual’ filters we can always make out.

This account has a bit of personality too. You’ll see photos of Rebecca (probably travelling or doing something fun like shopping or tanning), but every time you do, you see a bit of artsy-ness in the shot, which makes it all the more awesome to follow this photographer on Instagram.


richmondbc instagram 2014-01-20 at 9.44.02 PM

You wouldn’t expect the Tourism Richmond Instagram account to have some personality behind it, but it seems like there’s one girl in particular running the show here (her name is Lindsay Anderson), and she’s giving us insights into the amazing things she sees happenin’ in the quaint town of Richmond (ok, it’s quaint to me, and Steveston in particular is quaint enough to shoot the Once Upon A Time TV show). Plus, when there’s a giant rubber duckie in the middle of a street, where else are you going to see a photo of it? None other than the richmonbc Instagram account! There’s lots of fish, treats, ocean, hot drinks, food and event photos in here. The shots are mostly close-ups, and usually always contain great contrast with deep colours. Sometimes you also get photos of Lindsey’s life, which lets us know there’s a real human, and not just a marketing organization, behind the account.


miss604 instagram 2014-01-20 at 9.46.46 PM

Yes that’s right, that famous blogger in Vancouver has an Instagram account under the same name. And it’s very Vancouver-ey. On here you’ll find a lot of the outdoor life of a Vancouverite, including moments on higher elevations. Her profile says all photos are shot on her iPhone, and at times you also get to see Rebecca’s face, which is always nice and personable. Oh, and food, you get to see photos of food. That’s definitely proof that a human exists here.


harryolsen instagram 2014-01-20 at 9.53.53 PM

You won’t see a ton of stereotypical Vancouver scenery here, but you will see ‘Canadian’ and you will see through the pupils of a Vancouverite. This is a designer’s Instagram account and the ‘designer’ aspect of it shows. Sometimes you see a design project Harry is working on, or other times just a neat photo of something he sees, takes note of and shares with us. Some photos make a statement, using actual typography or photos of signs. Other times the imagery speaks loud enough, such as “I’m laying on a beach and you’re not” (lol). Another neat thing in this account is the way the designer sees patterns around him. Whether it’s a wall of gum, a zig-zag shaped piece of metal, or arch-shaped architecture at the Vancouver airport, Harry’s eye is catching repeatable patterns, and showing them to us from cool angles.


paonecreative instagram 2014-01-20 at 10.05.24 PM
This is another designer’s Instagram account (her name is Christina), and the neat thing here is that you get a new designer’s perspective on photography, which is different than Harry’s (to give one example). Many of these photos are likely using the InstaSize app to get a 1:1 photo (escaping a forced square shape) or some very particular filters you can’t find on the regular Instagram app. Like Rebecca Sehn’s account, the colours are very pastel-ey and washed out, but in a good way. Like Harry’s account, you also see artwork the designer is working on. Other times you get great shots of snow-filled mountains while she’s snowboarding. You also will see flowers, food and Christina having fun with friends.


mikadoesmakeup instagram 2014-01-20 at 10.23.34 PM

I have two words for you: Cute. Baby.

Aside from an adorable munchkin-pie you will just want to squeeze, the life of Mika also includes Instagrammable moments such as her salon’s beauty transformations. Every Internet experience needs a beauty guru, right? What would YouTube be without the beauty vloggers? Not the same. In like manner, we all need a beauty Instagrammer to follow and Mika fits the bill because you don’t just get before-and-afters (or just ‘afters’ to inspire), you also get interior design, a bit of fashion, some interesting neon-something-or-rather, and did I mention a cute baby? Hardly any food though, that’s a first.


iamjaymcinnes instagram 2014-01-20 at 10.31.09 PM

When I was little, I remember it being a ‘fun’ thing to drive around nice neighbourhoods looking at all the cool houses. Maybe it was just my family, but we thought houses were cool. If you think of it, they’re like art – all the different designs, shapes and colours can be neat to admire (where was Instagram when we needed it back then?). Jay McInnes is the guy running the iamjaymcinnes Instagram account. Being a realtor on the West side and in downtown Vancouver, Jay is sharing some amazing shots of cool modern homes being built in the city, as well as scenic top-city views you’d usually need to pay for a hotel room to be able to see (or have friends in ‘high places’…get it?). Following this account also shows you variations of ties; yeah, you know, like the ones men wear with suits. I don’t know if that’s some kind of inside real estate agent’s joke, but this account sure does make it seem that way.  In the offline world, iamjaymcinnes is the other half of mikadoesmakeup, and thus gets credit for at least half of the cute baby looks mentioned above.


fsvancouver instagram 2014-01-20 at 10.52.10 PM

I know the Internet often shuns those who post pictures of food. But you have to think about the other side to that argument: food is very photogenic. And when it’s hotel food, well now that’s just classy. The Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver has an Instagram account and they post pictures of food that you won’t get bored of. It’s all so intricate and professional…makes you want to order room service…until you realize takeout is probably the closest you’re going to get if you’re from the city and already have a place to stay tonight. Apart from the fancy food, you also get scenes of the city, photos of chefs and hotel happenings, like weddings and trade shows.


ashpoon instagram 2014-01-20 at 11.01.32 PM

Remember our cute baby and Internet-completing beauty guru up above? Well, if we’re going to talk about the Internet, we can’t forget the one thing that has changed this technology forever: cats. So I have another two words for you: Cute. Cat.

And I’ve got just the Instagrammer to follow who will give you plenty of just that (cute cat). Yes, this guy does have a cute baby too, but that came after the cat moved in, so the cat has dibs (at least for the purposes of this article). Also, the baby can’t curl up into a bowl and fall asleep…so…

cat in bowl 2014-01-20 at 11.05.37 PM

Seriously though, this cat is totally worth keeping up with on Instagram.


tourismbc instagram 2014-01-20 at 10.13.49 PM

I guess this isn’t specifically a Vancouver Instagram account, but that’s ok, we can make exceptions. If you want to convince your out-of-town friends to visit you in Vancouver, show them this Instagram feed, it will likely do the trick. Enough said!

Want to be a good Instagrammer?

Instagram is fun, and there was a time when it was all just great photo shots. Nowadays it can be a bit more personal. Either way, if you want to get more followers and more ‘hearts’ on your photos, here are some tips:

Did you know you can transfer photos from your computer to your phone, and Instagram nicer shots that way? Get camera gear like good lenses and lights at great prices by shopping classifieds. That will be a good start to your photography pursuits! Some of the best Instagrammers do this.

When you upload a photo of yourself or your friends, as yourself what value the photo has to people other than yourself. If you’re always thinking of what your followers want to see, then your account will start getting filled with better and better photos. Make your content count!

On that above note, if it’s not your best shot, or the lighting is so bad it can’t be fixed with a filter, just don’t upload it. It’s better to reserve your Instagramming for the really good ones.

Try other photo apps! Apps like InstaSize can give you more filter options and then let you open up in Instagram later. Instagram is the popular network to share photos with nowadays, but you don’t have to stay restricted to their own filters. Other apps let you create collages too, so you can put up a sequence of story-telling photos (don’t over-do this though, it can reduce the emphasis on your most vivid images).

Did we miss any budding Vancouver Instagrammers?

If you know any Instagrammers that are budding and just waiting to be discovered, let us know in the comments below!

Also, since we’re on the topic, feel free to follow me on Instagram so I’ll see your great photography too!

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