5 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Caterer

Hiring a great catering service can go a long way in organizing a successful event. The quality of the food, presentation and service all play a role in how much your guests enjoy the experience. Whether you’re planning a formal wedding reception or a casual get-together, here are five tips to keep in mind.

1. Ask friends and co-workers for references

Some of the people you know may have already used a catering service. They’ll probably be able to provide details about their experience, the quality and flavour of the dishes as well as the attentiveness, dress and professionalism of the staff. Make sure you compare similar events. A caterer organizing a graduation party in town, for instance, may not be suitable for a wedding reception in the country.

2. Ask about the refund policy

Even the most carefully planned events don’t always go as intended. Weddings and parties can be called off or postponed for various reasons. Your caterer will probably have a refund policy for such situations. Be sure to ask for details in writing so you can plan accordingly.

3. Choose a professional caterer over a friend

If one of your friends is an excellent cook, you may be tempted to ask them to cater your event. However, cooking for a large number of guests is not the same as preparing food for two or four people. In addition, logistics for a large group require expertise beyond the capacity of a single person. To avoid complications, hire a professional with extensive experience catering the type of event you’re hosting. There is a sweeping selection of such caterers you can find directly on Kijiji.

4. Taste the dishes you’ve selected

Professional caterers will provide you with tasting samples. Make sure you taste the specific dishes of your choice, not just a random selection of items on hand. The tasting will ensure you’re fully satisfied with the dishes you plan to order and allow you to eliminate ones you don’t like.

5. Ask for details about presentation

Before you hire a catering service, request photos or demonstration models of how the tables will be set. The caterer must be able to organize a beautiful presentation at your wedding reception or party. You’ll need to know beforehand what dishes and utensils will be used and ensure that the final general layout suits your preferences.

The catering service you choose should be able to respond satisfactorily to all of these five points. So keep them in mind before making a final decision. Your guests will come away from the event feeling spoiled and asking for your advice about caterers.

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