5 ways to save during the holidays

With the holiday season upon us, and studies showing that Canadians are spending more money on holiday gifts each year,* families are looking for easy ways to stretch their budget.

At times like these the second-hand economy is playing a crucial role in helping Canadians save, especially during this expensive time of year. Every year, more Canadians are making the smart choice by finding everything on their shopping lists for way less than buying them new!  And the icing on the cake? You can do it without battling crazy crowds and pinning your hopes on unpredictable shopping sales or the postal service!

Not convinced? Read on to learn why second-hand shopping is the best gift you can give yourself.

Coolest prices for the hottest gifts

The top searches on Kijiji during the holiday season include cell phones, gaming consoles , and classic, guitars! This is followed closely by entertainment items like TVs as they are the second most-exchanged category in the second-hand economy. This means you can cross that gadget lover your list without having to spend a fortune.

Holidays gift packages

Something for the Kids

Shopping for the kids can be tricky. Usually it means having to make multiple stops and just hoping for the best. But that’s where Kijiji comes to the rescue. Toys, gaming consoles, action figures, are available for the young and the young at heart! Plus, saving time and money is a nice bonus too!

So, the next time you’re considering buying that LEGO kit, why not get it on Kijiji?

Skip snooze on Sunday

Here’s a hot tip: Sundays are the most popular days for new listings and for finding items during the holiday season. So grab a cup of coffee, fire up your laptop, and get ready to check items off your gift list.

Look for gifts online

Deck the halls 

Something that a lot of people tend to forget during the holidays is just how expensive décorations and accessories can be if you buy them new. A Look for deals on wreaths, ornamentsserving trays and even real and artificial Christmas trees. You can decorate your dream holiday home just by shopping second hand this holiday season.

When gifting seems hard, go for a gift card

There’s always going to be someone on your list who you aren’t quite sure what to get them. They either have unique tastes or everything they need. This is when the trusty gift card becomes your friend. If you didn’t know that you could get gift cards in the second-hand economy, think again. From November to January, you can find upwards of 50,000 gift card listings in the second-hand economy – with the majority selling for much less than their value.

The holiday season can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to the second-hand economy and the wide range of items available on Kijiji. Start a search today and your holidays can be joyful and within your budget.

To learn more about the ins and outs of the second hand economy, click here: https://www.kijiji.ca/kijijicentral/second-hand-economy/

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

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