This is the Best Way to Buy and Sell With Kijiji on the Go

My Messages puts Kijiji correspondence in your pocket

The Kijiji app is already a must for those who like to stay on top of their buying and selling on the go, and it now has a brand-new way of chatting with others. We call it My Messages, and its the best way to send, receive and manage messages when responding to buyers and sellers. By keeping your messages in one place, you can easily stay up to date and organized with all of your Kijiji correspondence so you can always scoop up a deal or make that quick sell happen.

How to use it.

So how does it work? It’s easy. Any time you reply to an ad, or someone replies to yours, the conversation appears in My Messages. To use it in the app on iOS, log in to your Kijiji account and tap on My Messages at the bottom of your screen. On Android, you’ll find My Messages in the left sidebar when you open the menu. From there, all of your recent and current conversations are displayed as a list, letting you easily send, reply and manage all of your messages. You can also access My Messages in any posting by tapping on the icon or “Chat” at the bottom of the screen. Also, your messages conveniently sync with any emails you send back and forth with other buyers and sellers, so there’s no confusion. It’s fast, easy, and keeps all of your messages totally safe, secure and private.

If you’re a buyer…

My Messages means you can reply to ads quickly and easily, meaning you don’t miss out on that great find for the home or a deal on a brand new car. Sometimes, it pays to be quick on your feet when looking for a terrific deal, and you know what they say about early birds. My Messages helps you get that worm, or at least that new big-screen TV.

If you’re a seller…

Cleaning out the basement and flipping some old stuff for cash? My Messages helps you manage replies to your ads in a simple and secure way, so you can keep things moving quickly and easily. It’s really helpful when selling and means you don’t have to hang around your computer waiting for replies. You can get on with your life and start planning what to do with that extra cash.

Kijiji in your pocket.

My Messages joins a long list of terrific features in our app. With saved searches, notifications, and other My Kijiji features, the app becomes a whole world of possibilities that slides right into your pocket. My Messages means you don’t have to stay glued to the computer. So, whether you’re responding to your first ad and swooping in for a deal on new skis for the family, or trading that old treadmill for some extra vacation cash, the Kijiji app’s new My Messages feature will make chatting with buyers and sellers super easy and secure.
If you’d like any more information or details about how this feature works, visit the Kijiji Help Desk.

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