How to make money by spring cleaning

Spring has sprung. The snow is thawing, the birds are starting to sing and the best part – the sun’s shining again! Unfortunately, that sun may be shining a light on some corners of your home that need some dreaded spring cleaning. The problem is, spring cleaning is such a chore.

Well, what if we told you that you could earn $1,134 by turning that chore into a money-making opportunity, just by selling the items you no longer needed?

Spring is actually one of the most popular seasons for second-hand sales, so there will be no shortage of buyers looking for what you’d like to offload.

Read on to see how you can get that fresh start you need for your home (and your finances) through the second-hand economy:

Clean Out Your Closet

We know it can be hard to let go of your favourite cozy sweaters, night-out dresses and work-day outfits that have treated you well, but if you’re no longer wearing them, you could be missing out on some serious earnings!

Clothing, shoes and other accessories are some of the most-searched items in the second-hand economy with Canadians earning an average of $1,239 just from paring down their closets.

We all have a pair of awesome boots, but know deep down are a half-size too small, or have a blouse that we were flattered into buying by a salesperson, even though we know it just doesn’t work for us. Selling these things to someone else not only helps someone revamp their wardrobe but can help you put money towards revamping yours.

Lighten Your Living Room

Next, we turn your attention to one of the most well-used rooms of the house. Whether it’s a living room, family room, TV room, media room, or whatever-you-like-to-call-yours room—the entertainment hub of the home is a common area for the entire family. It’s probably seen a little more activity and use over the winter, so it’s understandable if it needs a little more cleaning and TLC this spring.

A real opportunity here are with the games, toys and video games that your kids no longer play or have already beat. With game-loving Millennials and Gen-Xers being the most active participants in the second-hand economy, it’s no wonder this very popular category has been putting an average of $1,286 back in Canadian’s pockets! Isn’t it time you joined these savvy sellers?

Looking to upgrade your sound system or TV this spring? Entertainment items are another top category in the second-hand economy and selling your old equipment can help fund your dream living room set up.

Sofa, So Good

Your tastes change. In fact, you might as well have been a different person when you bought that dresser two years ago. And that couch? It simply doesn’t fit with your new mid-century aesthetic anymore. The reality is, though, that just because they no longer suit you, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t suit someone else. Canadians are actively searching for quality second-hand furniture, and with furniture being one of the top listed items on Kijiji in the spring, you can actually earn approx. $1,408 by giving your pieces a new home.

And don’t forget about your patio and outdoor furniture! These items are some of the most sought in spring, as buyers are looking to spend more time outside. If you were looking to redesign your outdoor space, now is the time.

So, when you look around your home this spring, instead of dreading the cleaning, see it as a chance to make some extra cash. If you’re going to work, might as well get paid for it, right?

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

If you’ve bought or sold used items, swapped, or donated, you’re already an active contributor!

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