Joey Beauchamp

On the road with her kitchen

Van life, the foodie edition

Two years ago, Joey Beauchamp did what many only dream of. She went on Kijiji, sold all her stuff and bought a van – a Dodge Ram 2500 with an extended cab, to be exact. Then she quit her job as a financial advisor and set out to explore the Canadian wilderness, with her cat.

An avowed minimalist, Joey now travels from coast to coast, snapping pics and creating original vegan recipes, pretty much always inside her van.

“Life on the road is pretty much me waking up really early to catch the sunrise,”says Joey. “I’ll drink my coffee and look at the mountains. I’ll get my cat and hit the trail. Then I’ll come back to my van and work on recipes, take photos of my food, post it online and then head back outside in time to watch the sunset.”

It just shows that with a little imagination and some Kijiji finds, anything is possible.

If you like what you see (and who doesn’t), check out @joeysplate on Instagram or dig into one of her recipes at

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