Kijiji puts your stuff on TV

Pulling together all the props for a TV commercial can be tough. Especially if you're trying to demonstrate the huge selection of items and cars available on Kijiji, from muscle cars to skateboards, family vans to keytars. Where better to look for the objects that show off what’s on Kijiji than on Kijiji?

So our newest commercials imagine what the Kijiji shopping experience would be like in real life. “Hobby Hunting” follows a young woman browsing through different categories to find the perfect item to inspire her creativity, and “Family Man Van” is the story of family man exploring the wide spectrum of awesome cars on a quest to find the perfect vehicle. Both commercials feature only objects that our production crew found on Kijiji.

Our team browsed through the hundreds of thousands of ads on Kijiji and then reached out to the community, asking the sellers if they’d like to have their objects featured in the commercial.

The response was overwhelming. Thanks to the generosity of the Kijiji community, we found every single prop we needed, nearly 100 in all. Check out the “Making Of ” below.

We’ll keep you posted on future Kijiji projects that you can be a part of. A huge Thank You to everyone in the Kijiji community who helped make this production possible!

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