How Kijiji Village connects Canadians to small businesses and each other during COVID-19

As Canadians continue to adjust to the changing climate surrounding COVID-19, it has become increasingly important to support one another. We in the Kijiji community truly believe that it takes a village to flatten the curve. That is why we have created the Kijiji Village to help members of our community connect and offer support to one another in these challenging times.

The well-being of you and your loved ones continues to be our number one priority. We are encouraging members of our community to consider alternative methods to meeting in-person, and when that’s unavoidable, to transact with care by making use of the best practices available. More information can be found at our Help Desk.

Support & services

Kijiji Village aims to connect you with other members of our community as well as local businesses to streamline support. The Support & Services section focuses specifically on listings that offer resources tailored to your community.

Looking for an online tutor for math or art for your children? Online tutors found on Kijiji Village are here to help. Are you struggling to find a mask at your local pharmacy? Community members are producing and distributing homemade options to meet growing demand. Having difficulty connecting with your family online due to technical difficulties? Experts are available to help troubleshoot issues so that you can connect without having to leave the security of your home. Looking for help or know someone who is looking for help with grocery shopping? Community members are available for grocery shopping services on Kijiji Village to help Canadians stay at home.

Browse the current virtual services that are available and post if you believe that you can help out as well. Alternatively, you can seek out help in your community by posting a wanted ad in the Community Help Needed section.

Shop local businesses

Small businesses give our neighbourhoods a unique voice and make them great places to live and work. We created the Shop Local Businesses section to highlight those businesses in your area that are open and continuing to support their communities. While the current situation related to COVID-19 has disrupted the operations of most local businesses, many have devised creative solutions to help Canadians find what they need.

The Shop Local Businesses section makes it easy for you to connect with small businesses in your community that are offering at least one of the following contactless options:

  • Drop-off/Delivery– The business has agreed to deliver items to you
  • Shipping– The business is willing to ship items via a third-party shipping service
  • Curbside Pickup– The business is willing to complete the transaction through curbside pickup
  • Cashless Payment– The business accepts cashless forms of payment, such as PayPal, eCommerce, etc.

Some contactless options may require additional costs, so please reach out to the specific business to find out further information.

If you operate a small business that’s utilizing contactless methods and wish to support your community, consider posting a listing here. You can find out more information about how we are using new attributes to help facilitate contactless transactions here.

Similarly, if you’re a private seller, you can learn how to highlight contactless transactions in your listings here.

If we continue to support one another and offer help where we can, we believe that we can flatten the curve. Explore Kijiji Village to connect with community support and local businesses that offer contactless options for transactions.

Your well-being is our top priority. Consider whether in-person transactions are necessary and visit our Help Desk for more details and guidance. Follow Kijiji’s community safety tips for more advice about confidently trading during COVID-19.

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