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    Episode 3
  • Looking for Mr. Milk Crate
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  • About this episode

    Milk crates. Like mailboxes or (oops) telephone booths, they’re such a ubiquitous part of the urban fabric that it’s easy to forget they’re there.

    Gaze back on their history, though, and you’ll be amazed to discover just how many roles they’ve filled over the years. Whether it’s storing your Loverboy records, keeping toys out of the way, or holding groceries on the back of your bicycle, milk crates have proven to be an incredibly versatile piece of industrial design.

    For this episode of Second-Hand Van, we had something special in mind – one that involves a quest, a giveaway and even a bit of art-making.

    So pull up a milk crate, relax and find out what can happen when you get your hands on a ton of milk crates and let your imagination run wild.


    Solids “Off White”
    Written by Louis Guillemette (SOCAN), Xavier Germain Poitras (SOCAN)
    Published by Domino Publishing Company of America, Inc. (BMI)
    Produced by Solids and Adrian Popovich
    Recorded by Adrian Popovich and Joseph Donovan
    Mixed by Adrian Popovich
    Mastered by Ryan Morey