Online safety

Kijiji Canada Statement

May 14, 2013

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic news in Ancaster.  Our hearts go out to Mr. Bosma’s family and the community.”


Kijiji Canada Statement

May 13, 2013

Our thoughts are with the family and community of a missing Ancaster man during this very difficult time. Kijiji has been in contact with the Hamilton police and has provided them with information that may be helpful in their investigation.

We confirmed to the police that the ad posted by Mr. Bosma on Kijiji did not feature personal contact information, nor did it receive any replies, which determines the incident did not occur as result of his ad posting on Kijiji.

We understand the Hamilton police have made an arrest in the case and moving forward we will continue to assist the police in their investigation.

The safety of our users is a top priority for Kijiji.  We work with local and international law enforcement agencies so our users can connect in a safe online community to engage in commerce and trading locally.


Kijiji Canada Statement

May 8, 2013

We understand that the Hamilton police homicide unit is currently investigating the disappearance of an Ancaster man, Timothy Bosma.  We have been contacted by police to assist with information that may be helpful to them in this process and we are working closely with them.

We are deeply disturbed by this development and are cooperating fully with the authorities.

The safety of our members online is a top priority for Kijiji.  We work with local and international law enforcement agencies to help keep the site free from scams and other illegal activities.



How Do I Stay Safe Using Kijiji?

While most individuals who use Kijiji have success with buying, selling, renting or connecting with others, from time to time we do receive reports of people attempting to scam or defraud our users. We have found that one of the best ways to address this problem is to ensure that all transactions take place locally, in-person and with cash. Remember that Kijiji is a local classifieds web site and ads are not always reviewed before they go live on the site.


Please take the following precautions while using Kijiji:

  • When buying or selling, you should meet in-person to see the product and exchange funds. Meet in a public place with many people around, such as a coffee shop.
  • Never send or wire money to sellers or buyers. This includes mailing a cheque or using payment services like PayPal, Online Jumble Sales, eTradeDepot, Rent Monitor, Amazon Payments, Bidpay, Google Wallet/ Checkout, Canada Post, Western Union or Money Gram. While these sites can be very useful and secure, typically scammers are only pretending to use them and will even go so far as to falsify documents ‘from’ a legitimate company.
  • Kijiji International Limited, eBay, PayPal or any other company does not offer any sort of protection programs or secure payment systems for Kijiji items. Any emails or web sites that talk about such systems are scams, even if they may have the Kijiji logo. If you receive any emails promoting these services, please forward the message to us.
  • Be wary of emails asking you to confirm your account or confirm a password or email address change not requested. These are very often phishing emails by scammers trying to gain access to your account. Any emails we send requiring you to log in will bring you directly to our site to do so. The Kijiji sign in page should always show up as being secure in your web browser.
  • Make yourself aware of common scams. The following are more in depth articles on tips for avoiding scams while checking out the TicketsReal EstateCars and VehiclesJobsServices, and Pets sections. Also here are common Reply Scams that can come in response to your ad or when you reply to an ad.
  • Do not give out personal or banking information (e.g. social insurance number, bank account number) over the Internet.
  •  Inform Kijiji of any attempted fraud or suspicious emails, ads, or other activity by community members. In the case of fraud, file a police report and contact us.
  • Use common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.