Pay without cash at your next meet-up

Your next Kijiji deal just got way more convenient in B.C. and Alberta.

Cash might not be going the way of the dodo yet, but life without cash isn’t just a fad. We’re testing out a new feature in B.C. and Alberta, where you’re now able to link a PayPal account to your Kijiji account in the Kijiji app. Buying or selling items is now faster, easier, and more secure than ever, all while using your mobile phone.

This game changer in the second-hand scene means you can be one of the first to go cashless to purchase next-to-new items. So whether you’re an experienced second-hand seller, a savvy shopper, or a pro at both, going cashless into your next Kijiji meet-up is the future of the second-hand economy.

How to get this feature
To start, update your Kijiji app to the latest version as this feature is only available in the app (Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Then head to the My Kijiji screen and sign in. Once there, if you have a Kijiji ad currently listed, you’ll see the PayPal logo and instructions for linking a PayPal account.

Once you’ve linked a PayPal account, just start looking for your next deal on your phone. You’ll be able to see who accepts PayPal payments on their profile or in the in-app messaging when setting up your meet-up.

Don’t have an ad on Kijiji? Well, what are you waiting for? There must be something you no longer need, sitting collecting dust, that you could make some money from. And then you can use this sweet new feature at the same time.

What changes at the meet-up?
After you’ve met up, reviewed, and are set to exchange an item like normal, the seller will be able to request payment during the meet-up by pressing the big orange button with “Request Payment” on it.

The buyer will receive a prompt in their messages, where they will then be able to make their payment. When the buyer makes the payment the seller will be notified in their messages and that’s all there is to it.

For each transaction, the seller will be charged a fee of 2.9% plus 0.30$.

If you’d like any more information or details about how this feature works, visit the Kijiji Help Desk.

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