9 ways Kijiji can save you big money on your wedding

Creating your dream wedding on a budget is very doable when you allow yourself the time to plan ahead and consider various options to make your day extra special. Whether you're looking to say yes to a dreamy dress, decorate your venue in a fairytale style, or simply find an affordable wedding planner to help, Kijiji is here for you. Here are some tips to get you started on crafting a wedding day to remember at a price that fits your budget.

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Location, Location, Location

If you’re still looking for that perfect location for your wedding, allow yourself to get creative. Holding your ceremony in your favorite park or a friend’s beautiful backyard can be a great way to keep costs low. Wedding venue prices may not be negotiable for larger establishments that regularly get booked up for weddings, but smaller venues that don’t regularly offer bookings may be open to adjusting prices. That’s when you can hop on Kijiji and check out wedding venues, local barns or outdoor spaces listed in your area. If you’re open to a destination wedding, search online in your desired areas ahead of time to see what’s available at your price point.

Wedding Dress

Because a wedding dress is only worn for one night, it can be an ideal item to shop for online. There are plenty of gorgeous styles out there that are ready to be part of a new fairytale wedding. Browse for bridesmaids dresses as well, as many people resell them after their event.

The Rings

Finding the perfect ring at the perfect price can be much easier when you search online on Kijiji. Because prices are lower, you may be able to afford an engagement or wedding ring that would be far out of your budget if bought new. Even if the size is not perfect, having a ring resized can be a simple process and allows you to choose from a greater selection.


Looking for a photographer ahead of time can be a great strategy to find deals. Some photographers may give you a discount for booking well in advance. If you are looking to keep costs even lower, try searching online for photography schools to find students who would capture your wedding at a lower cost in return for experience and portfolio building.

Wedding DJ or Band

It’s not a wedding until you’ve danced all night to your favorite tunes! Take a look for local DJs and bands ahead of time to get an idea of pricing and options, and try to book well in advance. Kijiji is a terrific resource for finding awesome wedding entertainment with many DJs and bands listing their services on the site. For an even more budget-friendly option, find good used speakers and let a music-loving friend that knows your taste put together a curated playlist on their computer.


Opt for wedding invitations that are highly heartfelt by picking up unused wedding stationary on Kijiji at a great price and spending an afternoon with your bridesmaids creating them by hand, or use the site to find local printing services which can help you achieve that truly personalized feel. Invitations are a great keepsake and putting some extra effort into creating your own will give you chance to bond and reminisce with your friends ahead of your big day.

Reception Decor

Transforming your reception venue into a dreamy spot for the big day can be done beautifully on a budget if you take plenty of time to plan. Browsing Kijiji can make it easy for you to slowly start accumulating all of the little items you need, from streamers to vases and materials to create stunning wedding centerpieces, to candles, to tablecloths and fabric in your wedding colors, and more! The earlier you start the search, the more you’ll come across that fits your wedding vision.


Find florists who specialize in wedding arrangements right on Kijiji or where you can get blooms at great prices and then craft the arrangements yourself to cut down on costs. You may also want to consider searching on Kijiji for realistic faux flowers for arrangements that are not as prominent. Alternatively, consider creating centerpieces focused around candles or other decor that may cost less than flowers.

Cake and Catering

Local chefs and restaurants often advertise catering services right on Kijiji, making this a way more budget-friendly option to a conventional caterer. Alternatively, take a look online for local cooking and hospitality schools that may offer lower-priced catering services to give students experience. For your cake, consider gathering friends the day before to make cupcakes for guests and using a smaller round cake for the cake-cutting ceremony. Plenty of baking gear can be found at a great price online to make whipping up a magical dessert easy.


You want your wedding to be the most perfect day possible, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t savvy tricks to get your spectacular day without straining that chequing account for years to come. If there’s one trick to remember when planning your budget-friendly nuptials, it’s certainly Kijiji, which you can use to get really creative and save you—and your families—loads of money.

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