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    Pianos are having a tough time these days. With fewer Billy Joels and Diana Kralls taking up the instrument, many are left unplayed, stuck in the corner of someone’s basement or garage.

    In cities like Vancouver, a few pianos are enjoying a second-life along the seawall or in city parks, where people can stop and play them for fun. But helping a piano go public usually involves meetings, permits and plenty of red tape.

    This episode began with a simple idea: to rescue a piano. On Kijiji, we found one that could be traded for a bottle of wine. Within minutes, armed only with a dolly, we were soon on our way to making something good happen.

    After posting an ad on Kijiji for “free music,” we had the piano on the road to Grandview Park and had transformed it into something that was most definitely ready for its close up.


    Solids “Not Complaining”
    Written by Louis Guillemette (SOCAN), Xavier Germain Poitras (SOCAN)
    Published by Domino Publishing Company of America, Inc. (BMI)
    Produced by Solids and Adrian Popovich
    Recorded by Adrian Popovich and Joseph Donovan
    Mixed by Adrian Popovich
    Mastered by Ryan Morey