Save the money you spend on an off-site storage facility and make money by selling your items online

Did you know that Canadians spend way too much money on off-site storage facilities? How much is a storage unit? Well, it can be up to roughly $185 a month. That can add up a lot over time, and what are you getting for that money?
It doesn’t have to be that way. You can make money by selling what you are currently holding in that storage unit. Let Kijiji help you. You’ll save money too, just by letting go of that storage unit. Imagine what you could do with the $185 instead of just paying to have stuff sit in a self-storage facility. Here’s how Kijiji can help:

The decision to sell may be easier than you think

Instead of paying good money to store items that you aren’t using, you can make money by selling them. Something to consider is that if you aren’t currently using the items, will you ever again? If you don’t need the items now, will you miss them if they are sold?

There is a huge market of sellers out there

Perhaps you have items in storage that you think will be difficult to sell, or that there is no buyer out there for them. Post an ad and see. You might be surprised that what you are selling is exactly right for someone else. Browse Kijiji to see what similar items are selling to get an idea of asking prices and think of how you can treat yourself once the items are sold. Also, imagine leaving the stress of remembering and making monthly payments behind.

Make money from items that are sitting unused in your home as well

Once you see how easy it is to use Kijiji, you can use it to sell goods from your home as well, to cut down on clutter and make money on things you don’t need or no longer want.

Kijiji makes it easy to sell items online

If you’re asking yourself “will it be easy to sell my stuff?” the answer is yes, because Kijiji makes it easy. To sell an item on Kijiji all you have to do is post an ad. On the Kijiji Home screen, click the Post Ad button at the top of the screen. Create a new ad or continue working on a saved draft. Add an image by selecting the camera icon at the top of the screen. That’s it!

Different categories help buyers find what they want from what you are selling

Kijiji has different categories that help both seller and buyer. The categories help you as a seller because it gives you an idea of where to post your items where they will be seen by the right buyer. From the Buy & Sell heading, search categories like Arts & Collectibles, Furniture, Clothing, and Electronics, just to name a few.
Kijiji can help you save money when you stop paying for storage and make money by selling what you have been paying to store, so try it out today.

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