Finding a Father’s Day gift dad will never forget

Casie Stewart is an award-winning lifestyle blogger who loves browsing used and vintage items for her loved ones and cherishes family time.

This year for Father’s Day, I wanted to get my dad something unique you couldn’t find just anywhere.

My dad isn’t hard to buy for in that he usually only ever asks for a lotto ticket and a card, but I wanted to surprise him with something different. I was scrolling through Kijiji when I saw a tiny vintage Singer sewing machine to add to the collection he’s been building with my step-mum. I found the machine in downtown Toronto and it had belonged to someone’s grandma – it was a steal as well, at $70 all-in! They can go for up to $300, so the I definitely have some extra side-cash now. I invited dad over before Father’s Day to give him his gift and Kijiji was there to capture the moment. Spoiler alerthe loved it!

It was so nice to listen to him telling me all the stories behind his collection. On the machine, there’s a silver plate at the front and serial number on the bottom which give you details about the exact age and manufacturing. Safe to say we bonded over my unique find and created memories that’ll last a lifetime. Considering more than a quarter of Canadians have given second-hand gifts to friends or family in the past year, I’m not alone.

We actually had double Kijiji success for Father’s Day this year! It’s been a pretty wet spring so the cottage needs to dry out a bit and there was talk of getting a dehumidifier. Well, last weekend we found one for my partner’s dad using the second-hand economy which we saved $120 on by buying used as well! We located an almost new unit about 20 minutes from the cottage and picked it up same day. Unique gift, great price, close to home!

More than a quarter of Canadians say they have given second-hand gifts to friends or family in the past 12 months.

Second-hand goods have always been part of my life. My parents came to Canada in 1978 and mum couldn’t bear to part with her best clothes so she kept them. My sister and I have those same items in permanent rotation thirty years later.

Last year when we needed a new car, my boyfriend Sean ended up finding the best deal on Kijiji and now we have a great new truck. There’s no shortage of items that people are looking to get rid of that you might just need in your life.

Last year, 82% of Canadians took part in second-hand transactions.

Last year, 82% of Canadians took part in some kind of second-hand transaction. Out of those people, 73% acquired at least one second-hand good and almost 70% got rid of one or more. As a society, we’re giving new life to old things more than ever.

I started a list of things that have come (and gone!) in my life via Kijiij in the last couple years and there’s more than I thought! Our car, hot tub, a replacement of my favourite Care Bears mug, a tablet, and my old bike. You can seriously find just about anything.

In a recent study, Kijiji found our second-hand economy is growing thanks to technology. If you’ve ever bought or sold something used, swapped, or donated, CONGRATS, you are part of it this growing sector! Thanks to tech, it’s easier to buy/sell/share and we have more accessible payment methods.

Here are my fav reasons to check out Kijiji for Father’s Day: 

  1. You can find a unique gift and surprise dad with something he really wants.
  2. Save $$ – There’s a good chance you’ll find the present you have in mind for a good price.
  3. Recycling is cool. Instead of buying something new you can re-use something old and high five the environment.

This year check out Kijiji to find the perfect gift for your dad. Or, if you’re looking to kick up your side hustle and sell some stuff, you might have the perfect gift for someone else’s dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all the rad dads out there!

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

If you’ve bought or sold used items, swapped, or donated, you’re already an active contributor!

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