Start selling items you no longer want or need this holiday season and make money today

The holiday season always seems to come around so fast. It is never too early to start thinking about how to make money for the holidays. Why not sell those things around the house that you won’t miss because you don’t need or want them? Kijiji can help. Here’s how:

Take stock on what you can do without

Take a look around your house. Is it time to start decluttering? Free up space in your home by offering items that you no longer want but will make a great holiday gift that will make someone else very happy. There are sure to be items around your house that you no longer need that someone else does.
Perhaps you received a gift that was well-intentioned but was never your cup of tea. It could be someone else’s new favourite item that they would love.

There are lots of buyers if you sell clothes online

Second-hand clothing is more popular than ever and still trending up. People want to be more environmentally conscious and have more choices to be creative in their dressing, not to mention saving money. Second-hand clothing ticks all those boxes.
Not just the fashion-savvy want to buy clothes online. Parents need to keep up with the growing needs of their children and welcome any chance to save money. There is a huge market when you sell clothes online.

Get ideas on what to sell online by browsing the different categories

If you feel stumped about what would sell on Kijiji, check out the different categories of items for sale for inspiration. You might see items to sell that never would have occurred to you. There is a category just to sell used books, broken down further into sections like fiction, textbooks, magazines, children and young adult, just to name a few. How many books and magazines are piling up around the house that you intend to re-read “some day”?

Selling online is an opportunity for small and medium local businesses

Kijiji My Business is the next level for selling online with Kijiji. For those with a small or medium business, let Kijiji My Business help you attract more customers this holiday shopping season. Find neighbourhood buyers who will love the unique and sustainable holiday gifts you are selling.

Second-hand gift-giving is sustainable

Selling items on Kijiji that other people will want promotes sustainability. Every time something is sold second-hand, it means that something wasn’t manufactured, so those resources are saved, as well as transportation that would have been needed and packaging. This gives the environment a break. Second-hand gifts also make money for the seller directly, and the savings are passed on to the buyer.
Kijiji makes it easy to sell items for the holiday season. You can make money as well as sell sustainably with second-hand gift giving.

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