How to support your local businesses and your community with Kijiji today

Canadians want to shop local and support their local businesses. That's why Kijiji Village was born: to offer Canadians an easy way to access small businesses near you. Because of COVID-19 and the threat of business closings, Canadians understand now more than ever how important local businesses are, and how they are the lifeblood of a community.
Kijiji Village allows you to buy local, from businesses offering contactless transaction options and websites to sell stuff locally as well.
Many small businesses have options like curbside pick-up and local shipping that stay-at-home Canadians can find—check out the listings to see the kinds of things these businesses are offering:

Home and Garden:

Take advantage of the great outdoors with family, even in winter! Check out the home and garden section for fire pits to turn any house into home sweet home. Enjoy sitting around a cheery fire pit on Adirondack chairs or contemplate other outdoor furniture.


Staying at home can mean the opportunity to do home improvements. Kijiji Village offers tools of all kinds, for whatever jobs you may have around the house.

Kids and Family:

Winter inside can be fun! Families can spend time together inside with video games, board games, puzzles and entertaining collectibles.


You don’t have to go to a gym to stay in shape. You can maintain your fitness, or start a new health regime when you set up a space for home workouts. You can choose from a variety of fitness items like treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and resistance bands to set you up and keep you going!

Landscaping and Outdoor Maintenance:

It is never too soon to prepare for Spring! There are services on Kijiji Village that can help you with yard cleanup so your outdoor space is in top shape.

Home Office:

If you are working from home, or you want to set up a home office, then check out the home office section of Kijiji Village. You’ll find a variety of desks, including sit-stand height-adjustable desks, plus office chairs and more.


Upgrade your electronics and get phones, tablets and other smart devices easily and safely while supporting local sellers.

Arts & Crafts:

Arts & crafts can cover anything from DIY materials to musical instruments and anything in between! Browse the Arts & Crafts listing and get inspired.


Take this time to learn something new. Kijiji Village businesses offer classes for certifications and languages. Learning locally allows you to support businesses in your area while you expand your .

Community Support:

Kijiji is committed to community support. The non-medical masks offered on Kijiji Village were made by people in the community, so that you can feel good about buying them. Local childcare is offered through Kijiji Village, as well as tutors.
This commitment to Canadian communities and businesses means that you can be confident that you will be supporting local and small businesses in your own community, whether you seek support as you make money from home or offer support to other vendors. In addition, Kijiji Village has committed to making transactions as safe as possible for those small businesses and the consumers.
Shop locally and in safety on Kijiji today. Check out Kijiji Tips to learn more about how to make and save money from home.
Your wellbeing is our top priority. Trade with care and please visit our Help Desk or Health Canada to learn more.

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