Surviving Winter with Second-Hand Savings

Canada is made up of different people, from different places and from different walks of life. But there’s one thing that really makes us all the same. One thing we all share. Some of us just grin and bear it. Some of us embrace it as a part of our identity as Canadians. And like it or not, it unites us.


No two ways about it: the freezing weather, snow and sleet are coming, and we all must face it in the Great White North. How we deal with it, says a lot about us. But, it’s also the holiday season; and despite all the joy that it brings, it also brings strain to your wallet.

That’s why as we prepare for another winter, the second-hand economy, with over 68,000 winter-related items for sale or trade across Canada, has never made more sense.

Get your winter gear

Just because we sometimes have to grit our teeth and meet the winter cold, doesn’t mean we can’t do it more comfortably and more affordably. There are tons of winter necessities in the second-hand economy and throughout the country.

In fact, indoor/outdoor household items are in the top 5 categories of goods sold and bought in the second-hand economy.

As the harsh winter driving season approaches, there’s high demand (and deals!) for winter tires. After all, a vehicle with winter tires can stop 15.3% shorter than all-weather tires1 — and that can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

And while you’re driving, why not keep your drink hot? Bet you didn’t know that you can find heated mugs that plugs right into your lighter port and keep your coffee or tea piping!

Heated jackets for working outdoors can help you face the cold, especially for those who work outside during the winter months. So, when people shed jobs, get promoted, or retire, they look to shed their work duds in the second-hand economy. But if heated outdoor wear isn’t your thing, take heart – there are over 13,000 listings for winter coats across the nation.

But what if you’ve had more winter than you can handle? Life’s best excuse for a tropical vacation (i.e. winter) is finally here. Luggage, that can be quite expensive when bought new, can be found gently used in the second-hand economy for much less–sometimes saving you hundreds of dollars. Every size, shape, colour and carrying capacity is available in abundance. All you have to do is book a destination. Save your money to spend on the actual trip.

Beat the cold and stay in

Escaping the winter chill can be as easy as shutting the door and staying put. But your home can always stand to be just a little bit cozier. Imagine warming your feet by the fire? Some households rely on wood burning stoves and heating systems to beat back the cold. That’s why there are over 3000 ads related to this valuable resource – sometimes offering it for free!

And what about bringing back “family game night” (if only for the winter)? Never more popular, board games are making a big comeback with game cafés and pubs opening everywhere. Stay home and have fun.

While staying inside, maybe a game console could lighten the mood, and provide entertainment for the whole family. With over 120,000 listings for consoles and games, and being the fourth most exchanged item in the second-hand economy, you won’t run out of winter fun.

Enjoy a winter activity

Embracing winter makes the frosty season something to look forward to. And Canadians are known as a cold-weather people. If you don’t already enjoy a winter sport or activity, the second-hand economy allows you to try a few of them with less financial commitment than buying new.

Canadians expect to pay almost 4x more on sports and outdoor equipment when buying brand new. Luckily, there are literally thousands of ATVs and snowmobiles being sold on Kijiji right now, over 25,000 listings for ski equipment, plus snowshoes and sleds galore. You can even find dog sleds! New hobby anyone?

Canadians are saving an average of $843 with the second-hand economy annually, and the end of the year is the best time to join in.

There’s no doubt about it, if you’d like to enjoy winter more, you and the second-hand economy can face it together, and for less. Stuff to thrill you, chill you, and warm-you-during-the-storm you. If winter is the one thing we Canadians share, then it’s the perfect season for sharing in the second-hand economy.

1 “All-weather tires vs. winter tires — what’s the difference?” Toronto Star, Oct 31, 2015

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Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

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