What NOT to do when posting a Kijiji ad

We’ve been over how to post a great Kijiji ad…but what are the pitfalls that you need to avoid?

Don’t post without pictures. No one wants to travel across town to view an item that may not be what they are looking for at all. Listings without pictures lowers your chances of receiving replies and thus of selling quickly. Any time you are selling furniture, a car, clothing, or anything that people would want to see before buying (most things, really), include an image. Ads with images receive 50% more views than those without, so it is in your best interest to snap a photo before you post (don’t just take a stock photo off the product website when selling a used item, people want to see what you are selling).

Don’t post a shell ad that you edit later with more details. You get the most visibility for your ad when it is newly posted (unless you purchase a feature like the top ad or a bump up). If your ad is lacking important details, you are wasting an opportunity when you are getting the most views on your ad! Spend a little more time working on your ad before you post it.

Don’t key word spam. Spamming irrelevant keywords is against our terms and conditions, so don’t put irrelevant keywords in your ad. If you tag your car ad with “iPad”, “PS4”, and other terms that have nothing to do with your ad, you will irritate other users, who will in turn report your ad (leading to higher likelihood of having your ad removed).

Don’t post without researching the price. If you expect to get the same price you paid when the item was new for something several years old, you will likely be disappointed. Check the prices of similar items on Kijiji and eBay to ensure that your pricing is in line with the market value. People looking to buy second hand items are unlikely to be willing to pay the same price as what something retails for.

Don’t post in the wrong category. If you aren’t familiar with the categories, take a look and figure out where your item fits most logically. Do a keyword search of the entire site and see which sections have the most items similar to what you are selling, or if there is a section devoted to similar items. Posting in “buy and sell > other” when you have an item that would be more appropriate in “home renovation materials” is unlikely to connect you with interested buyers.

Don’t leave out important details about item (such as damage). No one – buyer or seller – likes having their time wasted. The biggest waste of time (for both parties) when using online classifieds is taking time out of a busy schedule to check out an item that was misrepresented; if there is something wrong with your item, be up front about it. You may not get as many replies, but those you do get will actually be interested in purchasing, saving both you and potential buyers time.

Don’t post as free when charging. Posting your ad as “free” or for “$1.00” when you are trying to sell your item for more is both a violation of Kijiji policies and very annoying to other Kijiji users. Post the correct asking amount in the price field.

Don’t be shy: Kijiji has no character limit. Being specific about your item and providing lots of details will help you in keyword searches by potential buyers. If you have a great story about the item to tell, or a knack for writing amusing copy, have fun and share with others! A great story about an item will help your ad get shares, attracting even more potential buyers.

Don’t ignore the rules. You agree to our terms and conditions when posting an ad on Kijiji. Be aware of the community rules and safe selling practices, as they are there to improve the overall experience with the site.

Is there anything we missed on our list? Let us know your pet peeves with online classified ads in the comments, or tweet us @Kijiji!

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