Where are all the Vancouver youTubers?

YouTube is great fun. But did you know it can be a fun job for some people? Yes, that’s right, the regular vloggers on YouTube who attract a lot of views get paid to do what they do…which looks like having a lot of fun…

When you get paid to YouTube (if that’s even a verb), you are called a YouTube Partner.

Most full-time YouTube Partners seem to be in the Southern California area (like Grace Helbig, Ryan Higga and way too many others to mention in one article). Others seem to be spotted in other areas of the USA like Chicago (WheezyWaiter, TheBrainScoop), Florida (sWooZie), and Montana (Hank Green). Then there are the Londoners, like Zoella and JacksGap and oh so many more…

Why do these ‘famous’ YouTubers seem to cluster in places like SoCal and London? Likely because the ones that get popular do so by being featured in other YouTube Partners’ videos.  So some people who want to pursue YouTubing full time will sometimes actually move to a new city to be able to ‘make it big’ (kind of like how singers and actors used to have to go New York to ‘make it’ in the Entertainment industry). That’s right, according to Vancouver YouTuber Josh Rimer, even though it’s the Internet, it’s also an in-person thing.

Ok, so that got me thinking. Where are all the Vancouver YouTubers? Vancouver’s a great city, so why not start our own YouTube culture here? Some have already started, and I think it would be awesome if more locals joined in the fun! Next thing you know, people will be flocking to Vancouver to be in collabs 🙂

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Who are the Vancouver YouTubers?

Let’s see who’s been at it so far! Here they are in order of subscriber count (but remember, subscriber counts aren’t everything!)


His real name is Peter Chao and he likes showing off to the world what being Asian is like, in a very comical way. We also can’t forget to mention his Asian accent…(you’ll see…). He comes in at 877,702 subscribers and 194,370,410 views at time of writing. His current featured video is of him interviewing Canadians on July 4 (American Independence Day). However, looking at some of his older videos, you will see that it doesn’t take a fancy new camera to get started in this field 🙂 Comedy is comedy, people.

Caution: this channel is not PG-13! It contains a lot of foul language!

Convos With My 2-Year-Old

Having started their channel less than a year ago, Matthew Clarke and David Milchard posted a video in May, 2013 where grown-man David re-enacted something cute that Matt’s daughter did. It caught on, they made more, and now, to our delight, they’ve made it a series of hilarious videos where we get to watch a grown man act like a toddler and get away with it. They now have 652,908 subscribers and 37,810,827 views. They were even asked to be a part of the YouTube Rewind 2013 video.

Here’s one of my all-time favourites from this channel:

And I don’t know why, but I LOVE their first Q & A where you learn from a very hilarious comment read-out that they’re Canadian. You also get a sense of the humour that these guys were probably born with:

Ahhhhh, I keep laughing every time I watch that…


With 202,659 subscribers and 25,983,298 views at time of writing, this guy is a mystery (we can’t figure out his name) but he sure does like pulling off pranks. Also, he seems to like Asian humour like his Pyrobooby Vancouver YouTube counterpart. You can find him doing funny stints at places around Metro Vancouver that you’ve probably been to and now are wondering, “how come this stuff never happens to me when I’m at that mall?”

Chengman also has other channels on YouTube where you can catch him doing things around the city of Vancouver, like ziplining at Whistler (this video proves that Vancouverites can do anything in the rain):


Hey Nadine

This is the vlogger that makes us all jealous. Her name is Nadine Sykora and she travels and records her adventures, then makes them into videos that…well, make us want to go wherever she goes. She’s a Vancouverite, but doesn’t say so on her “About” profile. So how can you tell? She knows the rules of the Seawall paths. She’s got 157,468 subscribers and 30,645,369 views.

You know what I want to know? How she gets her videos to look all Instagram-ey…right?

But… Friends, don’t think you have to jump to making videos for Contiki to be a good YouTuber. You can start with simpler vlogs about the interesting things you do in your life, which Nadine also does, like this one, of her day out in California (and trust me, if Nadine can vlog about shopping, there’s probably interesting things going on in your life too):

Plus, it’s worth taking note that when Nadine started, in her own words, she never expected it would go anywhere. She is quoted as saying, “I started making videos about the Olsen twins and living in a dorm room.  I don’t think I could have ever foreseen what my life is today.”


This channel is run by two guys, one is Matt, the other is Jason. They currently have 122,441 subscribers and 24,674,444 views. They do a great job of playing up Canadian stereotypes (I don’t know why but I laughed really hard when they say, “do you have two loonies for a toonie” in one of their videos. Lol, no non-Canadian would get that, I guess; Microsoft Word can’t even recognize “toonie” in spell check).

More importantly for our Vancouver YouTuber streak, they have a popular video describing some Vancouverite stereotypes (my favourite part in this one was the confusion between the names “First Beach” and “English Bay”).

If you liked that one, and love Vancouver, you’ll LOVE this one that is so epic of what it’s like to bike ride on the Stanley Park Seawall…culturally speaking…sort of…

Caution: also not a PG-13 channel!


Although you can’t really tell from her channel, this is a Vancouverite with a passion for fashion…and beauty and other things. That’s right, Vancouver can boast its own beauty vlogger (take THAT London!). She’s got 91,063 subscribers and 9,854,934 views to date, and she’s showing that if you have a passion for being yourself, you can vlog it, honestly, even if your sponsors pressure you to do otherwise. At one time, she was praised for being honest by one of her fans, though it caused her a bit of a controversy.

Now, what would a beauty blogger be without a smoky eye tutorial? This is one of her most watched videos:

In the following video, this girl shows her viewers what kind of Vancouver genes she’s made of! Here she is as a classic Vancouverite going to a Canucks game and making an evening out of it:


(Embedding was disabled on this video at time of writing)


This channel is a testament to the fact that Vancouver has a sense of humour, and maybe good dancing skills too. Not everyone looks this good in spandex, but Spandy Andy makes this fashion choice seem like somethin’ all the kids are doin’ these days. He also demonstrates how well of a dancer spandex can make you seem like. Or actually, just how well of a dancer HE looks like. He’s got 26,293 subscribers but a whopping 10,298,528 views on YouTube.

The first time I saw Spandy Andy in person was at a business networking event, of all places. He performed and then told everyone the power social media – the medium that has allowed him to pursue his dream of putting the “mint” in “entertainment” (I got that from one of his videos). Since then, I’ve never seen Andy wear anything except spandex. That is, until today, when I saw that it was not spandex that made Andy a viral YouTube sensation; it was Speedos:

If you think this guy is a nut…well, maybe you’re right, but he’s a smart nut, and he’s making a great career out of being one. He’s even made it on Australian news, among other gigs he’s landed. But there’s more to his story, which you can watch. It will reveal the real person behind the Spandy Andy character, and how much Vancouverites love him.


With 64,497 subscribers and an amazing 66,732,450 views, this YouTube channel is run by a Vancouverite named Katie Stiles who teaches you everything from how to make home made rocket popsicles to how to use a spoon to curl your eyelashes and how to furnish and decorate a small room. Here’s Katie in action, showing us how to make edible playdough – who wouldn’t love THAT?


Josh is Spandy Andy’s brother (I’m just always going to act like that’s his real name), and here’s a sweet video of the two of them together. Josh has 17,010 subscribers and 7,259,814 views. Here’s Josh ranting on allergy warnings for idiots:

Josh loyally posts videos every Friday of sketches, spoofs, parodies and other comedic content. He loves what he does and tells us about it in a video about his YouTube story:

For the month of February, 2009, Josh was the “number-four-most-viewed-comedian” on YouTube in Canada (his words, not mine, lol). So what did he do to celebrate? He gave out his “vumber” (i.e. his virtual phone number) in a video, just to see what kinds of messages he would get, and if they would be as weird as the comments people leave him on his videos. The results were varied (to say the least), but he sure did get attention, including from some bigger YouTubers.

Final caution: not all these videos are PG-13!

Where are the other Vancouver YouTubers?

We may have missed some, but that’s what the comment section below is for! Tell us your favourite Vancouver YouTubers, and if you’re a Vancouverite starting a channel, give us your best tips to encourage more to start vlogging! Also, let us in on how to use classifieds to find the best deals on camera and video gear!

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