10 Fun things to do when you get snowed in

When the snow piles up higher than your desire to go outside, here are 10 fun things to do when you’re snowed in.

Netflix and Chill  


“Have you seen the latest episode of …” Our secret shame – the size of our Netflix queue that we keep promising to get back to – can be whittled away during a snow day. Grab a comfy blanket, a warm cup of coffee or cocoa, and binge to your heart’s content.

Book Worming


You don’t have to be a couch potato. Worlds of adventure are collecting dust on a shelf, or ignored on your uncharged e-reader or tablet. Take a trip outside of your four walls with the power of a new book.

Nap Time


Who doesn’t wish for an extra 5 or 10 minutes when the morning alarm goes off? What if you could grab an extra hour or two? Or maybe even pencil in a midday nap? Don’t feel guilty if you opt to stay in bed on the next snow day.

Time for a Fort


Perhaps you want your bedroom to be a little bit more mobile, or your little ones are dying to have a party in the living room. Making a blanket fort is a great way to bond as a family and show off some sweet engineering skills.

Spring Cleaning


There’s no time like the present, and taking an extra few hours to do some deep cleaning might just be what your home needs. You can start ticking off those (indoor) chores that keep moving from your “Need to Do” list to “Nice to Do” list. This is also a great time to enlist the help of everyone stuck inside with you. Imagine what two, three, or even four sets of hands can accomplish!

Unleash Your Inner Chef


If your pantry is stocked, this is a great time to try out one of the many awesome recipes you’ve saved on Pinterest or to try a new cooking tool or appliance. You’ll even have time to ensure it’s worthy of a social media photo too!

New Skill Time


Maybe you’re taking a trip to another country soon or want to try a new yoga pose – now is definitely the time to practice a new language or move. Whether you’re using an online tutorial, reading a book, or calling a friend for advice, snow days are the perfect time to focus on learning.

Digital Cleaning


If you’ve been hiding in fear thanks to how little storage space is left on your computer or the massive number of unread emails in your inbox, you should devote some time to decluttering your hard drive and answering some of those messages.

Arts and Crafts


Paper plate masks and popsicle stick houses are just a few of the different types of household arts and crafts you can put together. Scrounge up some glue and glitter and put together an amazing snow day collection of crafts.

Just Enjoy the Snow


We’re Canadians for a reason – a little snow never bothered us! This is a chance to bundle up in our best winter wear, think about our favorite spot (that we can get to), and engage in some wonderful winter activities. From skiing to sledding, there are more than a few ways to have fun outside on a snow day.

These 10 ideas just scrape the surface of what you can achieve on a snow day with a little ingenuity. To buy whatever you might need for these snow-filled days, or sell what you don’t need, check out Kijiji.