The best board games to bond over this holiday season

Board games are making a comeback as an ideal way to spend fun bonding time with family and friends. They make great gifts, as they provide an engaging activity for everyone to enjoy.

Winter’s chilly weather and holiday gatherings provide the ideal combination for arranging game nights. If you’re ready for a game get-together and are wondering which board games to buy and where to find them, here is a quick guide that will get you ready to play in no time.

Classic Board Games

There’s something special about classic board games that bring back fond memories. These top board games are favourites for a reason. They are easy to learn, versatile in the number of players they can accommodate, and they’re designed to span almost all age groups. Most people will have played before, making these classic games ideal for when you want to jump right in, without having to carefully learn new rules.

Finding Games to Suit your Family and Friends

If you’re searching for family board games, check the listed recommended age to help you find the ideal choices for little ones. Fun games that test motor skills are great for playing with smaller children, while luck-driven dice games keep young kids and adults alike entertained. Trivia games and strategy games may be better for older children and adults, as playing time can last longer and require more concentration. Also consider the number of players needed and make sure this matches how many people you anticipate being up for game night. 

Discovering New Games

Apart from the classics, there are a plethora of new games out there, ready to be discovered. Some are simply fresh takes on traditional games, while others are entirely new contemporary concepts. Try searching by general genre, such as card games, dice games, or strategy games, to find new options that will pique your interest.

Finding Board Games Online

When looking for where to buy board games, shopping online classifieds is a great way to find your favourites at budget-friendly prices. A gently used game is just as much fun as a brand-new version, however, there are a few important things to check for when shopping. Always verify that all pieces are included, as well as the rules – you never know when you will need to double-check a play, refresh your memory of allowed plays, or teach the game to new players.

Online is also a great place to find vintage sets or limited edition games as well, adding nostalgia or an extra-special element to your gameplay. If you’re looking for excellent value for your money, consider buying collections of board games. These packages of several games are often priced lower, and let you diversify your game nights, so players can pick from a variety of options.

There’s something charming about simple, low-tech board games, especially these days when people tend to play on their phones. Whether you’re teaching little ones your favourite childhood pastime, or playing a competitive round of cards with friends, board games bring people together. Browse through the options available on Kijiji and bring home a bunch of fun games to break out after dinner or on a snowy day.

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