Your grade A way to sell used textbooks

Textbooks are an essential part of school classes, but once a class comes to an end, selling used textbooks can be an ideal way to regain some of your investment in your or your child's education.

It can even provide a financial resource to use to purchase textbooks for the next round of classes. If you have a few of these sturdy books accumulating on the shelf already, here’s a few tips on how to sell your used textbooks to get you started.

Why Should I Sell My Used Textbooks

Textbooks can be very pricey investments, but are usually required reading for a course. If you sell textbooks after a class has ended, you can often recoup some of the money you’ve invested. New students getting ready to start the course you’ve completed will be searching for cheap textbooks, providing a great resale market for your books. Try to put your textbooks up for sale before the school season begins, so there’s time for buyers to find them before they turn to buying new books. Textbooks can also go out of date and lose value if you wait too long, so it’s best to try to sell them as soon as you finish with them.

Often it can feel tempting to hold on to your textbooks for using as later reference material. While this can be a wise choice in some cases, you likely won’t need to keep all of them. Sort through the books and only keep the more advanced books that are rich with resources. You may also find that there are much cheaper books available that are designed to be used as resource books, leaving you free to sell the more expensive textbooks.

How To Craft an Ad to Sell My Textbooks

When creating an ad to sell books online, it’s important to be highly specific about the relevant publishing details. Certain courses may require textbooks to be the most recently published version, and buyers looking for a particular textbook want to be very sure about which book they are buying. Because of this, you should list all of the details clearly. Write the full title of the book, with the version number in the title and description of the ad, so that buyers can instantly see whether your book is the one they need. In the description, list the author’s name, so that shoppers can confirm that the book is the correct one. Also include the date of publication to show how recent the book is, as new updates may have been made. List any notes on the condition of the book and if there is damage or the book has been written in.

Take some clearly lit photos of the book’s cover and several interior pages, so that buyers can see the condition the book is in. Use the photo of the cover as the main photo so that it is easily identifiable.

When it comes to pricing your textbooks, it’s important to consider the book’s condition. If it is like new, you can usually consult the original selling price and simply sell it at a 20%-30% discount. If shows wear, or has highlighted sections or notes, you may need to discount it more generously. Check websites that sell used books and textbook buyback services online to get a sense of what your specific volume is currently selling for in order to price it competitively.

Selling your used textbooks can be a great way to regain money to continue investing in your education. With these tips, you’ll be ready to get started.

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