Going Old School with Brandon5L

Can he kick it? Yes, he can.

Brandon 5l is only 19, but when it comes to collecting, he’s old school.

He started with Transformers, Marvel and Pokemon stuff at age 10. But it was at age 14 that things began to get really interesting. That was when his parents gave him a replica boombox iPod dock for his birthday.

“It was this cool retro thing,” says Brandon. “And as soon as I played it, I thought it would be even cooler to own a real one.”

With his parents’ help, he soon went on Kijiji and scored his first. Now, five years later, he owns 24. He buys some, sells some, keeps others. “It’s about gaining the knowledge about what I should hold, what I should flip.”

With so many miles as a collector (shout out to brandon5l), he has picked up enough skills to be able to take apart a vintage box and make basic repairs. He has also branched out into Toronto’s boombox fan scene, meeting regularly with a group of like-minded collectors.

“I love the sound, I love the quality. But most of all, I love fact that I can put batteries in it and head out the door.”

Which only goes to show: use Kijiji and you could end up going places.


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