Guide: Tips for Choosing and Buying a Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes combine the features of road and mountain bikes for the ultimate in versatility and comfort. Here’s how to buy one.

What is a hybrid bicycle good for? A hybrid bike blends the features of a road bike with the those of a mountain bike to give you a versatile bicycle that is ready to take on a variety of terrain. This makes it ideal for riders who want to commute to work on their bike, or plan on splitting riding between the road and casual trails. When researching which hybrid bike to buy, take the time to research features, but also pay careful attention to the condition a used bike is in and always give it a test ride for comfort.


Good hybrid bicycles tend to feature a straight handlebar design that allows you to sit more upright than on a road bike. This can be more comfortable for city commutes and keeps you in a safe position to monitor traffic. The frame itself is often made of aluminum or carbon fibre or a blend of these two. The carbon-fibre frame models are more expensive but are stronger and more lightweight. Inspect the frame for any bends, rust or physical damage that can throw off the balance of the bike.


Consider where you will be riding to determine if you need a hybrid bicycle with more or fewer gears. If you plan on mainly riding on flatter areas, you’ll do well with a bike with just a few gears. However, if your commute includes a few hills, look for a bike that features more gears to make your journey easier. Make sure that the gears are clean and well oiled, with no rust or missing teeth. The chain should also be in good condition, with no rust impeding its movement.

Brakes and Tires

Always inspect the brakes and tires when buying a used bicycle. For a hybrid bike, you can typically expect linear-pull brakes that squeeze the tire frame to stop you. Disc brakes are less common and provide more stopping control in more extreme riding conditions, such as steep hills and muddy terrain. Check that the brakes are in good working condition and brake pads are not worn down. Wider tires are better on a hybrid bike, as they will give you durable traction on the ground. Make sure that tire treads are not worn down, and the tire and valve stem are in good condition.

Suspension and Seat

Suspension helps to give you a smooth, comfortable ride, so check to see if the bike features a suspension fork or any suspension on the seat post. Take it for a test ride to see if the seat feels comfortable and if it rides smoothly. If you find it feels bumpy or the seat feels hard, but everything else is excellent, keep in mind that you can add a suspension seat post or replace the seat to make it more comfortable.

If you’re hoping to find a high-quality but cheap hybrid bike, your best bet is to shop used. With careful inspection, you can be sure you’re getting a bike that will give you years of reliable rides. Searching online on a site like Kijiji allows you to easily look for the ideal bike for sale in your area from the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve found some great options, set up a meeting to take it for a test ride, and make sure it is the best hybrid bike for you.

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