Fall craft ideas you’ll fall for

Chilly fall weather is a perfect excuse to spend the day inside with family and friends creating beautiful autumn crafts.

The bright colours of the season and the bountiful harvest days provide plenty of inspiration for unique creations. Here are a few fall craft ideas to get you started!

Personalized Fall Wreath

A colourful fall door wreath is the perfect accent to welcome visitors to your home, and can be a fun family craft. You can buy a plain wreath of curved willow boughs to make this craft easier for smaller children. For older kids and adults, simply buy a wire wreath frame and everyone can help weave the wreath’s basic shape from pliable willow boughs, fresh juniper branches or other seasonal material. Once you have your base wreath ready, let the decorating begin! Faux leaves, apples and tiny pumpkins instantly add a dose of fall feeling. You can use colourful dried corn ears, orange slices, brightly coloured ribbons and more to inspire kids and adults alike to get decorative.

Filled Vase Centerpiece

Have your kids help you spruce up your table with a touch of fall flair by creating a unique centerpiece. Go on a nature walk to collect fallen pinecones and acorns, and bring these home. Give your little ones gold paint and let them completely paint the nuts and cones. Hold a small bouquet of faux flowers in fall tones, or a collection of pussy willows or juniper boughs in the center of a clear vase, and fill in the space around the bouquet with the golden acorns and pinecones. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the vase, and surround it with faux leaves, brightly coloured squash or apples for a charming cornucopia style.

The Classic Pumpkin Lantern

A classic fall project, carving a pumpkin lantern is one of the must-do fall crafts for kids. Take your little one to a pumpkin patch or the grocery store to pick out their favorite pumpkin, and take it home to be carved! Cut a hole in the top and let the kids have fun scooping out the seeds. Make sure to lay down newspaper to keep the space clean! Let them draw a face or design on the outside, then have an adult carefully cut out the pattern and place a lit candle inside.

Fall Napkin Rings

If you’re looking for crafts for toddlers, creating festive fall napkin rings is a fun project for an afternoon. Collect used paper towel rolls and snip them into 4-centimeter segments to serve as napkin rings. Let your little artist paint them, wrap them in ribbon or string or cover them in colourful tissue paper to create a rustic base. Then give them faux leaves, tiny acorns and pinecones and feathers to glue on to create their own masterpiece.

Autumn Leaf Window Art

Another fun craft for kids of all ages is creating leaf window art. Carefully cut out leaf shapes in coffee filters and place them in a small plastic tub. Have kids use an eye-dropper to paint the leaves with liquid watercolour paint or diluted food colouring, allowing the colours to swirl freely. Set the leaves out to dry and when they are ready, tape them to the window for a bright and cheery fall look.

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