How to find real antiques and collectibles on Kijiji

Typing in "antiques near me" on Google is bound to inundate you with a wealth of nearby vendors and private sellers showing their wares. From old furniture to rare first-edition books, antiques and collectible items are everywhere. But how do you know if they're real? 

If you’re searching for antiques on Kijiji, here are a few helpful tips for determining authenticity:

How to find the right antique vendors near you

Not all collectibles and old furniture come from picturesque barns in the countryside. Some people have found amazing treasures hidden right in their attic. Depending on what type of antique you’re looking for, there are a few things to consider when looking at antiques on Kijiji:

  • If it’s a private seller, have they had the item professionally appraised? Have they posted a picture of the original maker’s seal?
  • Does the vendor have more than a cursory knowledge of the history of the item? For example, if they’re selling original Royal Copenhagen ceramics, do they have the information to back up their claim? Have they sold Royal Copenhagen before?
  • How much information is on the listing? Look out for listings that are stingy on the details and generous on the frills.
  • If you’re not sure about the price or authenticity, compare the item on the listing with a Google image search. Find out how much other vendors are selling it for.
  • If the seller claims their item is a rare collectible, a simple Google search will either corroborate or contradict that.
  • Check the poster’s listing history and reviews. You’ll be able to tell a lot based on past customer satisfaction.


How to spot a fake antique

If you love the look of an antique and owning a piece of history, here are a few helpful tips to help you avoid paying for a reproduction:

  • Machine-made vs. handmade: Anything made with hand tools and muscle power will not be as precise as something produced in a modern factory. If that dresser is perfectly even on all sides, has little-to-no marks or scuffs, is attached by round, even-looking screws, it’s likely not as old as you’d think. Antique wooden furniture is often made out of several different types of wood. And rather than being joined with manufactured screws, joints are made with handmade dovetail (or other) notches.
  • Textiles in antique upholstery: Anything produced before the 1920s is usually stuffed with coarse horsehair and straw. If the item is too plush and soft, it’s likely filled with polyester.
  • Porcelain: As an extremely fragile object, porcelain has a hard go at withstanding the test of time. If it’s been restored and repaired too much, it doesn’t quite qualify as an antique. If you can get your hands on a black light, run it over the surface of the porcelain to see how much glue is holding it together.


How to safely pick up your new collectible or antique

Searching for “”antiques near me”” during the pandemic can be a bit tricky. Practicing social distancing and keeping yourself safe should be your main priority. To protect yourself and your family, try searching with Kijiji’s contactless transaction features.

Your well-being is our number one priority. Stay safe during in-person transactions and visit our Help Desk for more information and advice.

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