How to Grow a Mega Manga Collection

If you love the style of Japanese manga, these graphic novels can be fun to collect.

Many manga series consist of a large number of volumes, giving you the opportunity to go on a treasure hunt for the ones that you’re missing. If you’re curious where to buy Japanese manga books, you need to look no further than your computer and local bookstores to get started. Here are some tips on how to begin your manga collection, just to get you started.

Discover Your Favorites

Before you start investing in your collection, find out what you like. Visit the library and check out a few volumes of various series to read. You may discover a particular series that you love, or find that you prefer specific genres of manga book. Research the genres of manga, as these are very specific, and will affect the maturity level of the content and plot. If there are anime shows that you particularly enjoy, check to see if they were based on or inspired manga series, as you may want to add those to your must-have list. Because there are seemingly endless options when buying manga comics, it’s best to base your personal collection around your favourite series, rather than collecting more generally.

Where To Look

Wondering where to buy manga? To start off your collection, you may want to check the shelves in larger bookstores, though chain bookstores tend only to carry the most popular volumes and series that appeal to a general audience. For a broader selection, it’s best to buy manga online, on a site such as Kijiji, as it gives you access to far more options, and you can easily have books shipped to you from across the country.

Finding the Best Deals

Online is an excellent place to buy manga books when you’re looking for deals, as you can easily shop for used copies at a much better price than buying new. Most ads will list the condition the book is in, and often you can find a like-new copy at a fraction of the original price. Take the time to read through the ad and note any damage on the book before buying. Also, check to make sure you know which language the book is in. Some may be in the original Japanese, while many are translated into English or another language. Second-hand bookshops can also carry a variety of manga at low prices, though if you’re looking for particular books for your collection, it can be a bit of a game of chance.

Finding Rare Books

Part of the fun of collecting manga is hunting down the hard-to-find treasures. Whether it’s a lesser-known series or a limited or first-edition volume, finding that unique book is an exciting victory. Online is best for this, as you can quickly narrow down a search, and may even be able to find signed copies from your favourite mangaka, or manga artist.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to start your manga quest! If you’re just getting started, try collecting shorter series that are already complete, so that you have a set list of books to begin your search with. From there, you’ll be able to explore various genres and slowly immerse yourself in finding more and more of your favourites.

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