How to use Kijiji to plan your next garage sale

Warm weather inspires spring cleaning, but once you've gone through your belongings, what should you do with things you've decided to part with? Organizing a garage or yard sale can be a great way to clear out things you no longer use, and make money while doing it.

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Once you’ve decided to hold a garage sale, there are many ways Kijiji can help you make it a success. Consider connecting with other users planning a garage sale to create a larger, even more attractive sale, or maximize your advertising efforts online to target the right buyers and make more successful sales. Here are some garage sale tips to help you make the most out of your event:

Decide What To Sell

Before starting to organize and promote your garage sale, you must first decide what you’re going to sell. Sort through your belongings and take stock of what you want to keep and what you want to part with. If you’re having trouble deciding what to part with, consider if you’ve used (or even thought about!) the item in the past six months. Start thinking about at which price point you might be tempted to part with the item, and let the potential profit help motivate you to let go of all of the things you don’t need.

Set Prices

Deciding on price points for your items can be a bit tricky. To set a price, you need to base your decision on more than just what the item is, you must also consider how old it is, its condition, and demand for the item. Searching for similar items on Kijiji can help you determine what a fair price is for your items as this way you can compare it to other styles and brands. If you want to leave room for customers to barter a bit, try setting your prices slightly higher than what you’re willing to accept. For larger items, consider posting them for sale on Kijiji before you hold your garage sale. Because Kijiji allows shoppers to search for specific items that they’re looking for, you may find more motivated buyers who will give you a better price for your item if it’s exactly what they want.

Organize the Layout

When deciding on the location of your garage sale, consider how many items you have. If you have a small amount, perhaps just having a few tables in your driveway will work. However, if you have a larger amount of items, consider expanding your garage sale to your yard and garage if you have the space.

But there’s more to consider than just where you host it. Check Kijiji for folding tables you can buy or rent to keep items conveniently displayed for browsing customers. Laying down a blanket can also create a simple display space for arranging books or children’s toys. Create a walkway through your items or lay out tables in an aisle-type arrangement to make it easy for shoppers to browse all of your items without stepping on or tripping over anything. As well, consider if any of your items need a label to explain what they are.

Garage Sale as a Group

If you want to make your sale even more enticing to potential customers, consider combining efforts with others in your area to create an even larger yard sale. Shoppers often seek out larger sales hoping for better odds of a great find. Combining efforts with others can also help you spread the word further as it allows news of the garage sale to be spread to their friends and neighbours as well. Reach out to friends to see who might be interested, and consider posting on Kijiji to easily connect with others in your area who would like to combine a garage sale.

Advertise Your Garage Sale

Once your items are priced out and ready to sell, you’ve planned the set-up, and you’ve recruited others to create the sale of the season, it’s time to get the word out there about your yard sale. While you can spread the word in traditional ways by telling friends and family and by putting up posters around the neighbourhood, it’s even more efficient to simply advertise a garage sale online. Post your sale on the garage sale section of Kijiji to instantly inform buyers looking for local sales. Be sure to clearly list the location, dates, and times of your sale. If you’re doing a garage sale with a group, make sure to highlight that to emphasize the size of the sale. As well, in your ad, make sure to outline the inventory categories of your sale and mention any larger items you have for sale or items that might be difficult for shoppers to find elsewhere.

During Your Garage Sale

Congratulations, you’ve hosted your garage sale! Make sure to greet customers to make them feel welcome and look approachable in case they have any questions they’d like to ask you about your items. Most of all, have fun!

After the Sale

If you haven’t sold everything once your yard sale is done, don’t despair. Switch to an online garage sale and list anything left over on Kijiji. You may have better luck finding a buyer there, especially if you are selling something highly specific. Consider bundling items together and listing them as a priced-to-sell batch for quick, convenient sales.

Whether you are selling online or in person, garage sales are the perfect way to make some extra money, get unwanted items off your hands, and help your community by taking part in the second-hand economy.

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