Kids’ music to your ears – What to consider when picking an instrument for your child

Learning to play instruments can be a great activity for your little ones, as it helps build a range of life skills while developing their musical abilities.

As they find that practice makes perfect when learning a new song, the value of hard work is subconsciously instilled in them. Once they reach the point where they can play a piece of music through perfectly, the positive effects on their self-esteem can be profound. Choosing musical instruments for kids depends on what your child may be interested in, but it’s also a good idea to check on how much each costs and the benefits each bring to your child. Here’s a closer look at some of the top musical instrument picks for kids:


The piano is a classic choice for little ones learning music. Learning to play piano tends to come with more of a learning curve than the guitar or drums, as it is essential for young students to master the skill of reading music in order to play properly. This primary learning stage makes young learners slow down and master the basics before they can enjoy playing. This can be a great lesson in patience and discipline for children who need to work on developing focus. It’s also an instrument that children can start learning while they are around 4 or 5 years old. A piano is one of the most expensive instruments for a beginner to invest in, with good beginner acoustic pianos costing around $3,000 new. Because of this, you may want to invest the time to look at used pianos, as they will cost you significantly less. Another option could be buying a high-quality keyboard, which can be ideal for beginners, and many models allow them to plug headphones right into the piano and practice quietly. You may also want to look into simply finding piano lessons for your child, as these can start around $15-$20 for a half-hour long lesson.


A guitar is often a more casual instrument for young students and better for kids around seven years old. Lightweight and portable, it’s an easy instrument for them to take along with them on trips or simply take outside to play. Guitars are available at a wide range of price points, starting at around $100-400 for a good beginner’s model. Young acoustic guitarists only really need the instrument to get started, though accessories such as guitar picks, a strap and a protective case are ideal, and can be very inexpensive. Electric guitars will also need an amp, which costs around $200. The guitar helps to build coordination and finger strength as your child learns the specific chords, and helps them to develop focus as they play. Because it’s fairly simple to learn basic chords for strumming favorite songs, it can be a great instrument to build confidence before moving on to more advanced techniques.


The drums are often portrayed as a maligned instrument for young children due to their noise. However, drums are an excellent instrument for students to learn beats and rhythm, develop hand coordination, and let off energy in a productive manner. Mute pads are available to buy or can be made at home to fit a drum set, to allow your child to practice without making too much noise as well. The ideal age to start learning drums is around seven years old. A complete beginner’s drum set starts at around $300 and includes almost everything they need to play. You may need to buy a seat and drum sticks separately, but for a beginner, these are very inexpensive.

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