In the Studio with L CON

Jam to the sweet sounds of second-hand gear

You have to go off the grid to get to Wildlife Sanctuary Studios.

Lisa Conway might not be a household name yet, but she might soon. She was part of an elite selection of 30 global artists who were invited to partake in the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin.

As a musician, she goes by the name L CON. But before long she might be just as well known as part of the couple behind a unique music studio in Grey County, Ontario.

The studio is located two hours north of Toronto and is co-owned with her partner Andrew Collins. Filled with second-hand gear and instruments, their collection includes synthesizers, microphones, as well as a drum kit from Kijiji.

“Andrew and I love vintage instruments,” says Lisa.  “Plus, as artists, it’s great to save on things like that. We kind of have a spotter looking out for us now!”

Despite being remote, the studio is hitting all the right notes with bands from as close as Guelph, and as far away as Norway.

“We’re in the woods,” says Lisa. “It’s a great place to focus. You can be loud and get a lot done because there are so few distractions.”

And while they’ve both long been artists, recording others wasn’t initially in either of their plans.

“Being able to work more on the production side of things is great,” Lisa adds. “It’s not something I thought I’d find myself doing.”

If you liked Lisa’s song “Try” in the video, there’s more where that came from.  Just check out her album Insecurities of Being.

It’s pretty cool what you can achieve if you have the vision, the talent and a little bit of help from Kijiji.


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