How to resell your old consoles & video games

If you've been thinking about how to start selling the video games you rarely play, now is the time to start. There are always plenty of people looking for affordable video games and consoles on Kijiji. Selling your used games and consoles not only declutters your home, but it also brings in some money. And you can always reinvest your cash into new games and pastimes. To get you started, here are a few tips for selling your video games and systems.

Prepare to sell video games & consoles

Before posting your ad on Kijiji, always remember to format your system’s memory before putting a console up for sale. This prevents the new user from accidentally accessing your personal details. Once you’ve cleaned the memory, it’s a great idea to give the console a cleaning as well. Wipe the exterior with a clean microfiber cloth. If you use compressed air to clean away dust, avoid vents in the console, as you can damage internal fans with intense bursts of air. If you’re including discs, a clean microfiber cloth can also be used to gently wipe their surfaces to clean smudges, fingerprints and dust. Always wipe discs straight outward from the centre. If you want to sell video games without a case, be sure to protect them in a clean paper or plastic disc sleeve. Post lots of photos of your newly clean console and game covers on Kijiji so you can attract buyers looking for stuff in good to great condition.

What to list in a video game ad

A great Kijiji ad to sell video games and consoles starts with a specific, searchable title. Clearly state the brand and model of consoles. For video games, list the official title of the game, making sure to note which console it runs on and which version it is. In the description, describe the condition and be honest about any damage or quirks. Mentioning why you no longer want the item can reassure buyers that you’re not selling because the game or console is damaged. For video games, list the genre and provide a short teaser description of the game that will interest buyers.

Include photos of games & consoles

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is this more relevant than when composing your ad. Photos will instantly grab a buyer’s eye, show them what’s for sale, and demonstrate exactly what condition the product is in. Try to take a clear, well-lit photograph of your items against a non-distracting background. A large sheet of white paper curved up a wall can create an ideal background, and is inexpensive and easy to do. For consoles, take several photos from different angles to show its condition. For games, shoot the front and back of the case, as well as the disc’s surface.

Selling games individually vs packages

Selling items individually takes more time because you need to photograph and describe each item. If you have a collection of games that would appeal to the same audience, you can try bundling them to save time. This can also be a convenient selling strategy. For example, if you combine an in-demand game with lesser-known titles, you may find them easier to sell. If you are selling a game console, you may want to include a variety of games in a well-priced package to simplify the selling process. However, if most of your games are in demand, you may be able to price them higher if you sell them individually.

Once your ads are live, be sure to monitor inquiries and respond promptly to maximize sales. Post your video games and console ads today and get in front of Kijiji buyers!


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