10 Things to do with broken hockey stick

Given that hockey is a Canadian passion, odds are you’ve broken at least one hockey stick. Maybe you even a collection of broken sticks collecting dust somewhere. Here are some creative ways to turn a sorry stick into something beautiful, useful, and unique.


Frame a favourite photo from your time on the ice with pieces of your hockey stick. There are guides that show you the exact steps to making an awesome frame.


Need a place to hang your jacket or an oversized jersey? Use a hockey stick! You can even mount it to your wall, if necessary.


You probably have more than one intact hockey stick that you still play with. Wouldn’t a rack made of broken hockey sticks be the most fitting place for your shafts and blades to rest when not in use?


Desk clocks, wall clocks – keep time with a collection of hockey sticks, and maybe even throw in some worn pucks to add additional flare to these timepieces.


A coffee table made of hockey sticks definitely makes for a great talking point. Just imagine: “This stick is from the time I snapped it over my knee because…” You’ll never be lacking for stories or a place to show off your awards.


If you love hockey so much and have enough sticks, why not create a proper throne? Making a chair out of broken hockey sticks says, “I love this sport more than the comfort of a recliner.”


If you need outdoor seating options, putting together a bench of hockey sticks is a great solution. You can even give the base some “feet” made of pucks.


Instead of opening up the scoring with your slap shot, you can open up a guest’s beverage with a bottle opener that has a hockey stick base.


Whether you want to use it for hats, hoodies, or even photographs, a hanging rack is a great way to display a fuller stick in all its glory.


For that young hockey fan in your life, replace their window curtain rods with hockey sticks and add curtains as usual. Score!

There you have it – 10 ways to give used or broken hockey sticks a second life off the ice! The hard part now is to decide which project to start first. Whether you need craft supplies or more hockey sticks to craft with, Kijiji has you covered.

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