5 reasons why canoe camping can become your go-to family weekend activity

When most people say they are going camping, they usually mean they plan on spending a few nights at a crowded campground with dozens and possibly hundreds of other campers.

That can be a lot of fun, but it’s not the ideal way of getting in touch with nature. If you want to show your kids and family what “real” camping is like, then it is time to start planning your first canoe camping trip. With canoe camping, you can introduce your kids to the great outdoors and teach them a few valuable life lessons while you’re there. Here are five reasons to make canoe camping your next family adventure.

Get closer to nature

When we talk about canoe camping what we are talking about is a camping trip where you reach your site and bring all your gear and supplies to it via canoe. In other words, there are no roads and no cars when canoe camping. That means you and your family have any opportunity to get closer to nature than anybody who is at the more popular campgrounds could ever imagine.

Carry more than hikers can

Canoe camping may sound like you’re “roughing it” and indeed you will be, but what surprises many first-time canoe campers is how much more can be carried on a canoe camping trip than on a hiking trip. That’s because you can pack a lot more in a canoe than you can in a backpack, which is perfect for the kids because it means they can bring their favourite snacks and toys with them without worrying about running out of space.

Teach kids about safety

Canoe camping can be as safe for kids as regular camping is, but it does require a bit more preparation. If your little one hurts themselves, you can’t just drive down to the store to buy some bandages, after all. Use the trip as an opportunity to teach your kids about safety, especially when around the water. Also, it should go without saying that you need to invest in high-quality safety gear, including personal floatation devices, a first aid kit, a water filter, and medication.

Save money

Canoe camping is big on adventure while being easy on the pocketbook. If you are new to canoe camping, then it makes more sense economically to rent a canoe for a few days. There are plenty of canoe rental shops near the more popular provincial and national parks. You will need to buy some supplies yourself, such as sleeping bags, cookware, and a camping stove, but these are items that you will be able to use many times in the future so that you will get you money’s worth.

Learn new skills

Finally, spending time outdoors with kids is an opportunity to teach them (and maybe yourself!) some valuable life lessons. Depending on their age, they’ll be able to learn how to paddle a canoe, how to portage, how to build a campfire, and, most importantly, how to make s’mores. It’s these valuable new skills that your kids will remember well after they’ve left the rivers and lakes behind.

Canoe camping is an excellent way to spend a weekend on a fun family adventure. Your kids will learn valuable new skills and safety lessons, while you’ll be able to enjoy a trip that doesn’t break the bank. Most importantly, everybody will bring back with them memories of an adventure that they will cherish for years afterward.

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