How Dion Phaneuf made me $60

Thanks Jon, thanks Kijiji, and most of all, thank you Dion for making me $60.

Toronto’s stone cold fearless leader. Neon-Dion, “The Double Phaneuf”, The Edmonton Eagle, Dion Phaneuf.

How did the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs make you $60 Will? Did you pick pocket him? Was it on some kind of crazy bet made in a men’s league hockey room?

The answer is Kijiji. The great medium to sell all things. Especially a hockey jersey collection that was getting as much play time as the latest Miley Cyrus album.

My girlfriend had recently taken one look at my closet and looked me straight in the eye and said: “these have GOT to GO” in reference to my beloved jersey collection. The “hockey” sub section of sports buy and sell on Kijiji became my new home.

I was especially proud of the #3 autographed Salzburg Red Bulls Dion Phaneuf jersey that hung in my closet, gathering dust. It had come to me from my time working at Red Bull Canada, and, admittedly at the time, I was a huge Phaneuf fan.

Who wasn’t when he wore the flaming C for the Calgary Flames? Putting up Norris trophy type seasons and crushing opponents with those patented open ice hits, made you love to hate the guy.

It had to go. So, I listed it on Kijiji with the rest of my jerseys.

One by one my jersey collection got picked off: Cam Neely retro Canucks jersey, gone. Winnipeg Jets Evander Kane jersey, good bye. Toronto St. Pat’s retro green jersey? Oh yah’, you know that was a hot ticket. Autographed Mississauga Steelheads jersey? Snapped up. Autographed Toronto Maple Leafs 2013 jersey? Gone in minutes.

And there hung the pride of my jersey collection, the apple of my eye, in my closet, all alone. I had started off with a $150 price. Then $125. Then $100. Sure, I was getting some offers from some fine young men in ThunderBay, Hamilton, and Sarnia, but nothing materialized.

Months went by and I would anxiously check my inbox for a deal. Nothing.

Even the whispers of interest from Thunder Bay had died all together. My Phaneuf jersey was entering the hinterlands of the Kijiji hockey pages.

Then it happened.

Jon from Brampton gave me an e-mail. Loved the jersey, wanted it, but was a matter of timing for him. With the way that this sale was going, I had a good feeling that the jersey wasn’t going anywhere.

A month went by and another 300 people viewed my ad. Then I get the text.

Jon’s in. He wants to meet that day to snap up my last remaining jersey. It’s happening.
Jon txt’s me ½ hour later. He’s here from beautiful Brampton.

I saunter on down from the Kijiji office with the jersey in hand, and there is Jon, the man of the hour.

Jon’s eyes light up when he sees his Kijiji find. I point out that it was recently dry cleaned, and show him a small stain on the chest from when I wore it out on the town. This doesn’t dim Jon’s enthusiasm at all. If anything, I think I could have got an extra $10 out of him just because of the story.

Jon tells me he uses Kijiji about once a month, and it’s usually buying and selling hockey gear. As a coach of the AAA Halton Hills Thunder, Jon thought this would be a great piece to auction off and raise some money.

I smiled at that, knowing that my Dion was going to a good home and helping a great cause.
And, not to mention, I was $60 richer.

Thanks Jon, thanks Kijiji, and most of all, thank you Dion for making me $60.

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