Gear up for summer sports on a budget

Summer is officially here, and you know what that means: soaking up as much of the sun as you can and getting active.

Canadians love their time in the great outdoors, and get their fill in all kinds of ways. No matter which city you live in, the cyclists, golfers, runners, and swimmers come out to play. The only thing stopping you from getting out there to do a little bit of everything? The pesky task of budgeting.


One of the main roadblocks in getting into new sports or recreational activities is the cost. Upfront prices for brand new gear can be daunting, no matter what the sport. Tennis, softball, and baseball are all extremely popular summer sports across the country – think of all the bats and rackets that are gently used and ready for a new home.

Buying used workout and sports gear through the second-hand economy is a simple way to cut down costs and keep the budget trim. Last year, Canadians think they spent nearly four times more buying new sports equipment over used. That’s money that can go towards whatever your heart desires, including upgrades to equipment you use frequently!

Canadians think they spend nearly four times more buying new sports equipment over used.

Buying second-hand isn’t the only way you can save. Take advantage of parks with free courts, fields, and diamonds to get into your new hobby. Not in love with one of the sports you tried? Sell off whatever you don’t need on Kijiji to make space for the new.


Using second-hand sites to buy gear makes the most sense for beginners. It’s easy, there’s plenty of variety, and prices can be compared easily so you can find the best deal. With an average of over $800 in savings a year by buying used, it’s hard to argue.

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Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

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